Central Park season 3, episode 2 recap – “Paige’s Next Chapter”

By Ricky Valero
Published: September 9, 2022
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The episode was solid, with a fun reintroduction of Kristen Bell to the series in the role of Abby.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Central Park season 3, episode 2, “Paige’s Next Chapter,” contains spoilers.

In the first episode of season 3 of Central Park, we saw Gina Tracker, FBI come to the park to film an episode of her show. Then we had Bitsy set the tone for getting in the pocket of the new mayor but Owen possibly stands in her way. Will Bitsy get what she wants? Or will Owen be able to keep the Mayor on the good side? Let’s dive in.

Central Park season 3, episode 2 recap

The episode begins with Birdie narrating what is ahead, including talking about how Paige’s sister Abby is moving to the big city to chase her dream of being an actress. Next, we move to the house where Paige is freaking out because she is trying to get everyone together for Abby coming into town. Owen brings up Paige’s interview with a publisher about writing a book. But Paige changes the subject with a song about her sister coming in to chase her dreams.

After the song is over, Cole and Molly argue about what dessert to make for Aunt Abby, leading to them fighting over who is Abby’s favorite. Owen tells them to list what they need to cook and will get it from the grocery store. However, he mentions it is not a competition, which leads to more fighting between Cole and Molly because Molly says it’s a competition for who is Abby’s favorite.

We head to Bitsy’s house, where she is feeding the dog. The piano player from the lounge shows up to let her know that he can’t play the piano moving a dog house. Bitsy, who doesn’t care, says to fire him, but the piano player says that his wife can replace him, which Bitsy says if she isn’t good, they are both fired.

Paige heads over to Abby to see her and give her a housewarming plant. Abby is obviously excited to see her and wants to show her around the apartment and her roommates. Abby’s roommates include an older couple and a DJ. Paige said now that she is a plant momma, she needs a watering can for her apartment.

Owen is at the grocery store trying to find the ingredients for the kid’s desserts. Back to Paige and Abby, they are leaving the garden place, where Abby tells her that she is heading for some headshots. Paige is concerned that where Abby is going could be dangerous. Abby asks about her meeting, but we know Paige is putting it off, so she goes with Abby cause she is concerned.

At home, Owen gives the kids all their ingredients and reminds them this isn’t a competition. Instead, however, the kids are cutthroat and throw insults back and forth at each other. I love the banter between these two; they have the perfect brother/sister vibe.

We return to the lounge, where the piano man’s wife Devora shows up to take his spot. She tries to introduce herself, but Bitsy doesn’t care and moves on. Helen informed Bitsy that people from Capshaw Financial would be there soon, and they agreed to the fee Bitsy quoted them. Next, we find out that they wanted to explore the lounge while they were around. Devora begins to sing, which terrifies Bitsy and leads to Helen saying she is scatting. Insert Birdie to break down what scatting is to all of us.

In the car, Paige is trying to find reviews of this Posey photographer that her sister is going to but can’t. Abby hates the subway, so they are riding in a cab, where Paige tells her that she needs to get used to riding the subway to get around faster.

The bakeoff is going awful as Owen sees the dishes are ROUGH, and the trash is filled with attempts at what they were making. So it becomes a song battle between Molly and Cole over who will win. Honestly, this battle is the highlight of this episode.

The ending

We have arrived at the photographer’s house, which is about as sketchy as Paige thought it would be. Paige is questioning EVERYTHING in Lester’s house. Abby is trying to calm Paige down and let her attempt to take these pictures. Then, Paige bumps into something, and a d***o falls out. Thus causing the sisters to freak out, but it wasn’t what Paige thought it was. Lester is a dog photographer trying to break into the human picture-taking business.

Paige realizes it’s only thirty minutes from her meeting and begins to freak out! Abby goes off because she knows this is everything Paige wanted from life. The duo get their stuff together and head on their way. While on the bus, Paige realizes they won’t make it. Abby breaks into a song about how she looks up to her. Abby overcomes her fear of riding on the subway to ensure she gets to the meeting on time.

Back at the house, Molly and Cole are done with their desserts. Owen says he wants to try the desserts, and he tried Cole’s gum, and it wasn’t great. Next, he tries Molly’s, which is also a disaster. Owen being the good dad he is, mixes the duos desserts to help them present them to Abby. The episode comes to an end with a toast from Owen to Paige about her upcoming book.

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