Cobra Kai season 5, episode 2 recap – “Mole”

By Adam Lock
Published: September 9, 2022
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If you leave your brain at the door, then you will be able to enjoy the simple pleasures this show has to offer, just try not to take things too seriously.

This recap of the Netflix series Cobra Kai season 5, episode 2, “Mole,” contains spoilers.

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Episode two of the Netflix drama addresses cowardice, cheating and honor as Chozen continues to infiltrate Terry Silver’s Cobra Kai dojo, making him the subject of the episode’s title, he is the “Mole” in question. While Daniel LaRusso battles his enemy from afar, with the Japanese sensei’s help, Johnny and Robby continue their search for Miguel in Mexico, finding themselves inadvertently heading into a criminal underworld.

Cobra Kai season 5, episode 2 recap

The second instalment starts with a flashback to Okinawa 1972. A younger Sato is training students the art of discipline. One of his students is his nephew Chozen, who happens to be cheating with this latest setup. Sato points out the child’s cowardice and Chozen quickly changes his ways. The show then reverts back to the present day and he is now at the Cobra Kai dojo, working undercover for Daniel. Terry makes a speech to the new students, explaining how Kreese gave in to his demons, but those mistakes are in the past now.

Terry talks of his team being the champions and then introduces the new arrivals to their possible new senseis. This is their job interview and Chozen happens to be among them. During warm-up, Chozen heads straight for their champion, Tory Nichols, and partners with the girl, stating that he will not be going easy on her. He motivates the young woman and talks about the purpose of honor. Terry joins the discussion and interrogates Chozen. The mole lies, calling himself Jokichi Tatsuya from Kyoto. Terry looks impressed, but is also highly suspicious.

In Mexico, Johnny and Robby hunt down Miguel. Unfortunately their car is towed away and they must find a resourceful way of fundraising to pay off this bill. Robby enters a competition, where the participants must eat hot peppers, with the winner taking away hard cash as a reward. Robby goes for the hottest pepper, but tricks his opponent, eating a sweet instead. He wins and they go to retrieve their van.

Miguel spends some quality time with his father and they discuss relationships and hobbies. Miguel talks about his martial-arts training and brags about winning a karate championship. Hector invites him to El Hoyo Verde, which turns out to be cage fighting. Miguel’s mother overhears this invitation and quickly informs Johnny of her son’s location. The two Mexico storylines look set to merge into one as Miguel slowly realizes that his father isn’t a respectable man after all.

Johnny and Robby enter the arena dressed in their comical FBI shirts, but Hector’s men believe they are actually the real deal. Hector is warned and worries that Miguel is a spy. He turns nasty and confronts the boy, asking to see his phone. There is nothing incriminating on his phone and Hector apologizes, forcing Miguel to leave with the man. Johnny spies Miguel leaving and advances through the crowd. A cage fighter protects Hector, who seems to be a kingpin in these parts. Johnny ends up fighting this cage fighter in another silly but entertaining scene. Johnny is losing the fight and Robby throws him the spicy pepper, which he rubs in his rival’s eyes – oh come on now.

Hector and Miguel lay low away from the supposed FBI agents. Miguel sees this unflattering side to his father, who talks of a criminal past and his distaste for women. He flashes his gun and Miguel instantly regrets ignoring his mother’s advice. Luckily, Hector lets Miguel leave and the boy is reunited with Johnny and Robby. Miguel phones his mother and apologizes, whilst in floods of tears.

The ending

Back in the States, Tory discusses the cheating from last season with Terry in more detail. Terry paid off a referee so Tory would win the final against Sam. Terry reassures her that she won fair and square, but he had the payment in place just in case he needed to use it. Tory isn’t happy that Terry cheated, yet she sticks with the program. Terry promises her a bright future at Cobra Kai, one she cannot refuse.

Chozen drinks whiskey at Terry’s pad and the two discuss their original training Masters, cowardice and rivalries. Chozen asks about Terry’s ambitions and he admits that he will only share his secrets with Chozen if he joins as their new sensei. Chozen accepts the job offer. Daniel advised him earlier to watch out for the slimy instructor, but he slipped up. Terry figured him out and confronts Chozen the following day. As punishment for the deceit, Terry orders his trainee senseis to attack Chozen, with the winner getting the job. Chozen fights off all the other senseis and lays out his demands: Terry will not expand the business, he will not hire anymore senseis and he will leave his rivals alone. Something tells me Terry will not accept any of these demands though.

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