See season 3, episode 3 recap – “This Land Is Your Land”

September 9, 2022
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There’s a lot more excitement in this installment as Sibeth goes missing and a new plan of attack is formulated. A heartfelt chat from Baba on fatherhood also makes for a welcomed change of pace.

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There’s a lot more excitement in this installment as Sibeth goes missing and a new plan of attack is formulated. A heartfelt chat from Baba on fatherhood also makes for a welcomed change of pace.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series See season 3, episode 3, “This Land Is Your Land,” contains spoilers.

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A disturbed killer is on the loose and war is heading to Queen Maghra’s kingdom. In episode three, “This Land Is Your Land,” the problems just keep mounting up for poor Maghra and she has to contend with the disappearance of her deranged sister on top of everything else.

See season 3, episode 3

Tamacti Jun reports to his queen, Sibeth has evaded detection and cannot be found. It won’t be long before word spreads of her escape. For the time being, Ambassador Trovere is unaware of these unfortunate circumstances and is still hoping to take the wretched murderer back to Trivantes as penance for all the bloodshed. Harlan will have to sweet talk his lover further or form a new trade off instead. Maghra asks Tamacti about his opinion on Baba’s warning and these new weapons. He worries that Baba is confused, it seems no one believes the soldier or heeds his warning whatsoever.

Baba himself is still in prison, but he manages to break out on Maghra’s own request, with one major shoulder barge to his cell gate. Maghra wants Baba to talk with their son, who is struggling with fatherhood. Baba imparts his heartfelt words of wisdom upon the boy in a touching moment. He tells Kofun that parenting is scary, but you’ll find your way, you have to. He leaves Kofun alone with the baby and the sighted son cares for his child for the first time properly.

Lucien rallies the troops with talk of killing any sighted people once again. He is clearly undeterred after Tamacti’s idle threat and seems to have acquired quite the gathering now. Kofun listens in to the speech and is then chased by a group of wannabe witch finders, but he escapes thanks to Charlotte’s skilful defense. Maghra is concerned that Lucien’s rally cry is making followers more confident, even giving the  conviction to attack a prince. She wants to hang these traitors for their treasonous ways, although Tamacti tries to convince her otherwise.

Wren makes her way to the Queen’s stronghold after deserting Tormada and his growing army. She warns them of the ensuing battle and these new, explosive weapons. They admit that Baba was indeed correct and try to formulate a plan. Baba wants to destroy the bombs before they are used to kill again. Maghra doesn’t want any more bloodshed either, but worries about her children’s safety. She finally accepts that they will be needed to aid with the scheme. She cannot deny how they will be at a considerable advantage with Haniwa and Kofun’s ability of sight in their ranks.

Harlan grows suspicious of Trovere. She asked specifically for more coal, which in turn is used to build these bombs. He holds a knife to her throat and questions the lover. She pleads ignorance and states that she would never betray him. Trovere has indeed heard of Tormada and calls him an extremist. She admits that there is a rogue faction in the military and concedes that war is still coming no matter what they do. This is why she needs to take Sibeth home as a bargaining tool. If they still won’t accept peace even with Sibeth’s head on a platter, then at least they have exhausted every other option. Harlan confesses that they can’t have Sibeth after all, Maghra would never allow it. So instead, they ponder the idea of Harlan going back with Trovere to negotiate further.

The ending

It is revealed that Sibeth has been living under the floorboards in her bedroom all along and Kofun has been the one helping her hide. He brings her enough food to last for the few days while he is away and explains their plans to dodge another war. Sibeth is furious that he is leaving her, but Kofun explains how he is only protecting her out of a duty to his new born son. After Kofun has left, Harmony comes out of the shadows, presenting Sibeth with a gift. She conceals this weapon under her skin in her arm – gross! Then she asks Harmony to find out more about these new explosive weapons.

The witch finders who attacked Kofun are hanged in public, but Maghra lets the ringleaders go, including the head honcho himself – Lucien. Whilst this event takes place, Sibeth tries to make her subtle escape with baby Wolffe. Baba enters as she puts this plan into action and the crazy lady puts a knife to her own baby’s throat in defense. Baba draws his weapon just as Kofun enters, witnessing this insane setup with his very own eyes. Sibeth thanks Kofun for the help in keeping her hidden, but admits she will not be living inside the walls any longer. Kofun informs her that the baby is blind and not some prophetic God like she envisioned. Harmony then appears, stabbing Kofun. Baba defends his son and kills Harmony, yet Sibeth flees the scene unharmed. Kofun picks up the crying baby, who may now be safe at last.

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