I Used to be Famous ending explained – does Vince finally get his career back on track?

September 17, 2022
Lori C. 1
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film I Used to be Famous and will contain spoilers.

I Used to be Famous follows Vince (Ed Skrein) who used to be the lead singer in a famous boy band, but is now a broke busker. To add insult to injury, the other lead in the band went on to have a wildly successful career. One day, Vince comes across Stevie (Leo Long), an autistic young man who’s also a talented drummer. The two develop a bond over their passion for music, start a band and Vince even convinces Stevie’s overprotective mom to allow him to perform in a local pub. Throughout the movie, we see the two overcome several challenges including Stevie having a meltdown at their first gig together. We also learn that Vince’s younger brother passed away while he was on a world tour, which explains his interest in Stevie. 

Toward the end of the movie, Vince finally gets the phone call he’s spent years dreaming about. His successful former bandmate, Austin, asks him to be the opening act on his tour. This is Vince’s chance to reclaim his fame and he wants to take Stevie with him. But the offer doesn’t include the young autistic drummer. In a frustrating show of ableism, Vince has to choose between his new friend and fulfilling his life-long dream. 

Netflix film I Used to be Famous ending explained

To make things even more complicated, years ago our hero was faced with a similar choice: Continue his world tour or go see his dying brother on his birthday. He chose the tour and his younger sibling ended up passing away before Vince had a chance to say goodbye. At first, it seems that Vince makes the same decision this time around. That assumption is even confirmed during his conversation with Amber when she asks him to stay out of Stevie’s life now that he’s putting his career first. Stevie, she explains, needs to find his own way in life. 

As he’s about to sign his contract, Vince’s manager makes the same tasteless joke he made when he convinced him to skip his brother’s birthday. We then cut to Stevie spending his birthday with his mom. Upon exiting the restaurant, the two find a few signs directing them to the same marketplace where Stevie and Vince had their original jam session. A musical number on a makeshift stage ensues. Vince even included all the musical therapy students in his surprise/apology/birthday present. 

The ending implies Vince decided to put his former stardom to rest. This time, he made the right call. It’s also very likely he ended up taking that musical therapy job offer 

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