Jogi ending explained – does Jogi manage to keep his community safe?

September 17, 2022
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Jogi and will contain spoilers.

In this Indian action drama, Diljit Dosanjh stars as the titular hero, a Sikh man caught in the middle of the 1984 Delhi riots, who’s trying to save his entire community from being brutally killed. He’s helped in his endeavors by Muslim truck driver Kaleem and police officer Rawinder. The men manage to hide a bunch of community elders and children in the truck Kaleem provided and drive them to safety. By the following morning Tajpal, the councilor who’s behind the atrocity, becomes aware of our hero’s efforts and becomes determined to put a stop to it. It doesn’t help that one of the police officers joining the efforts to murder Jogi’s friends and family is Lali, a man who used to be his best friend. 

The film’s final act sees Jogi trying to hide the remaining people from his community from Tajpal’s forces composed of rioters and led by Lali. As Jogi finally comforts his former friend face to face it’s revealed, through a flashback, that our hero and Lali’s sister were in love but the girl committed suicide after falling pregnant outside of marriage. Lali blamed Jogi for her death and was seeking revenge. After an emotional heart-to-heart, Lali decides against killing our hero and walks away, giving Jogi, and Rawinder time to hide the group of Lane 6 residents in the town’s prison. Tajpal had previously released all inmates to allow them to join in on the massacre, so the empty jail made for a perfect hiding spot. 

Netflix film Jogi ending explained

While most of the group successfully makes it to the safety of the prison, Jogi and Rawinder decide to return and help an injured friend they had to leave behind. That proves to be a mistake as Tajpal’s men already got their hands on the injured man and managed to detain the two heroes. Conveniently, they’re taken in front of the prison’s building where Jogi and Tajpal finally meet. The politician tries promising Jogi safety for him and his family in exchange for giving up the location of the rest of the Lane 6 residents. Jogi refuses, so Tajpal shoots him point blank in the chest. Jogi’s sister shouts out his name in shock, inadvertently betraying everyone’s hiding spot. 

In a gut-wrenching scene, an injured Jogi and Rawinder helplessly watch the rioters burst into the prison, knowing their loved ones and friends are about to be burned alive. But right in nick of time, Deux ex Machina aka the Indian army finally arrives to bring back order to the city and stop the rioters. Lali was the one who brought in the army in time to save the day. Knowing that his friends and family are safe from harm, Jogi succumbs to his injury and dies. In an emotional move honoring his sacrifice, Jogi’s sister wraps his turban back on his head, and Kaleem returns his kara. Both were symbols of his Sikh faith he had to remove to protect the people in his community. 

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