Central Park season 3, episode 5 recap – “Golden Owen: Manager Damager”

September 23, 2022
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While we saw some story advancement, Season 3 of Central Park continues to have highs and lows.

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While we saw some story advancement, Season 3 of Central Park continues to have highs and lows.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Central Park season 3, episode 5, “Golden Owen: Manager Damager,” contains spoilers.

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Last week on Central Park, we had a Tillerman family-focused episode that saw Owen and Paige realize that they were working too much and forgetting about their family. With Owen trying to impress the interim Mayor and Bitsy trying to win over the interim Mayor, will Owen falter? Let’s dive in.

Central Park season 3, episode 5 recap

The episode starts with Owen making breakfast but is nervous because of the Annual New York City Parks Manager conference. Owen is excited to get the band back together as they haven’t seen each other in a long time since the early days of being regular park workers. Of course, this leads to a song that breaks down their friendship and everything they used to do together. The song includes a funny story about how they wanted to get tattoos, but the pain was too much, and they all got dot tattoos on their buts.

“Pancakes and Aunt Abby, this is the perfect day”

Owen is even more excited cause he gets to bring Paige to the conference. Because of this, Abby is coming to the house to hang out with the kids. Next, Owen tells a story about how the guys pulled a fast one on him at the last conference by saying they would sneak out for a beer, but they gave him an address to a cupcake shop instead. We find that Owen’s plan to get them back is to get them to eat week-old cupcakes. I love how Cole says, “I can’t wait to be an adult to find out why that is funny,” right to his face.

As all this is happening, the Mayor calls Owen to tell him that the park commissioner is intrigued by his “I heart the park” campaign. However, he mentions that he will need approval from the Park Manager executive community. Owen isn’t concerned because he is on the board and knows the rest of the crew on it.

My favorite duo has returned after a one-episode hiatus, and of course, I am talking about Bitsy and Helen. Bitsy realizes the floors haven’t been cleaned in a while, and she wants it down ASAP. Helen reminds her that she fired the guy, but Bitsy tells her to bring him back to get them nice and shiny.

The kids are hanging out with Abby, and she is trying to figure out what to do with the kids. They bring up some crazy ideas like eating a thousand-dollar burrito or taking a helicopter tour, but Abby reminds them that she is a little light on cash and needs something smaller to do with them. However, Abby is looking for a job, and the kids said they would help her find a job.

Owen and Paige have arrived at the conference, and he is showing her around. Next, we see Owen lay out the week-old cupcakes for the guys to eat. The guys show up to snag a cupcake and start to talk crap about Owen and that he doesn’t manage an actual park while Owen is close by and can hear them. It hurts his feelings.

We see Owen telling Paige that they call him “Golden Owen” because they don’t think they work that hard. Paige tries to comfort him by saying they don’t mean it, but he says they do. He says they always email, but Paige takes a peak at the emails and realizes that Owen brags quite a lot about Central Park’s greatness. Finally, Owen admits that he needs them to sign off on the park campaign, and Paige needs to butter them up about anything other than the park. So Paige agrees to be a reporter and help him get to the bottom of it.

The man comes in and cleans the floors for Bitsy. When Helen sees him, she thanks him for returning even though Bitsy had fired him. He tells her Bitsy has fired no worries as plenty of people. However, when Helen goes to check on the floors, they look good, but they are slippery, and she falls to the ground. So he did have hard feelings towards Bitsy and did it on purpose.

We move back to the conference, where Owen is about to see the guys for the first time, and Paige has uncovered a few talking points to approach them with. The guys act excited to see him and Paige gets them all to sit together. While sitting there, Paige feeds him notes and talking points to get the guys on his side.

Helen is still laid out on the floor, unable to get up. As she is lying there, she hears the elevator go off and knows it is Bitsy. Helen tells Bitsy don’t talk on the floor, and of course, Bitsy marches to the beat of her drum and does, leading her to fall on the floor next to Helen. Watching Bitsy try to get up was one of the funniest things I’ve seen on this show yet.

The job hunt for Abby has hit its low as every place is turning her down. While she gets turned down by one, the next asks her about her special skills, leading to her breaking into a song about her special skills. Finally, however, they were kicked out of the latest establishment.

The ending

Things are going well as Paige continues to feed notes to him, and it is working. But someone snags Paige and leaves Owen alone, and he starts to STRUGGLE. The guys finally break down and feel bad because he is interested in the things they love. One of the guys mentioned that maybe they were jealous of his success and were sorry. So the guys offer to buy him a drink at the bar. Owen arrives at the bar where they signed him up to ride a bull (he mentioned earlier that he was a bull rider).

Helen and Bitsy are still stuck, but Helen comes up with an idea to shove Bitsy down the hall to Helen’s bathroom to save them. It works, and Helen tells Bitsy to call for help, but first, she wants to call the floor guy to fire him again.

When it is time for Owen to ride the bull, he breaks down that he overheard him talking about him, which led to all of these things, but the icing on the cake was letting them know he needs their signature for the park. It causes them to get mad at him again. Not only does this lead to a song, but a country-music style song about how hard he works at Central Park. Leslie Odom Jr.’s range in singing is on FULL DISPLAY.

The episode ends with the guys agreeing to sign the paperwork after seeing their old friend Owen come out through the song. Then we see the kids walking home with Abby, who had given up on finding a job until they were at a restaurant, and some quit opening the door for her to show off her waitressing skills leading to her getting a job.

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