Luckiest Girl Alive ending explained – will Ani continue to silence herself?

By Marc Miller
Published: October 7, 2022 (Last updated: March 12, 2024)

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Luckiest Girl Alive and will contain spoilers.

The Luckiest Girl Alive follows Ani (a terrific Mila Kunis), a “peerless” writer in New York City who seemingly has a perfect life. She has a job at a top magazine where her editor (Jennifer Beals) thinks she’s a star. Ani’s also engaged to a wealthy bachelor (Finn Wittrock), though she will not eat more than one slice of pizza in front of him. In fact, when he heads to the bathroom, she scarfs down the remaining two and blames the server for spilling soda on them, so they have to be discarded. He even comments on what a fantastic job she did eating carbs, which is hilarious in itself. They are about to move to London, where she has landed an excellent job in London, and she can pursue the MFA in a prestigious program.

However, Ani has a secret. Her real name is TifAni, and she is one of a handful of survivors of the worst school shooting in United States history. However, one of the survivors pointed fingers at Ani after it happened. A teenager named Dean is now in a wheelchair and running for the Senate. The accusation caused Ani to go into hiding and change her name. There is more to the story, and it explains her persona. It’s a cover or shield to protect herself from what happened. Three boys gang-raped TifAni during her sophomore year. Only a few days before the shooting. The film toggles back and forth between timelines as her backstory finally catches up with her. A director making a true crime documentary wants her side of the story and wants to know why he said Ani was part of the shooting.

The simple fact is that Dean was one of three boys who raped her, and the other two were murdered in the school shooting. To cover up the fact he raped her and his pettiness because he was in a wheelchair, Dean pointed the finger at Ani. Yet, there must be more, isn’t there? Well, there is. TifAni befriended the two shooters, and one of them stood up for her, along with one of her rapists. It should be noted the author of the film’s source material, Jessica Knoll, has stated the rape scenes are inspired by her own experiences.

One of them said hi to TifAni while holding the gun. The other had her and Dean pinned in the cafeteria. The shooter put the gun in her hand and was “empowering” her to stand up for herself while simultaneously holding the weapon in a way where she was staring at the rifle in the palms of her hand. The shooter rips it away and shoots Dean, causing a lifelong injury. TifAni then stabs him in the neck with a knife she puts in her back pocket, killing him.

Luckiest Girl Alive ending explained

After a brief meeting with her old teacher that had her decide to go with her finance to London instead of taking the job with the New York Times, Ani begins to spin out of control. Her paranoia, ruminating in her head, and behaviors act out, which is strange for a woman who likes to stay in control. Case in point is the act of “rough” sex she has with her fiancé. This is a way to control the situation on her terms.

She, however, decides to do the interview for the film, but Dean crashes the party. She leaves, upset, and confronts him privately at a book signing. He apologizes for pointing the finger and for his reasons for covering up the sexual assault. He has no problem taking back the claim. If he has Ani’s assurances, the rape will stay quiet. When Ani doesn’t comply, he threatens to double down on the lie. You know, the kind that can travel halfway across the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. Ani, though, is tough as nails and puts Dean in his place. He apologizes for raping her but doesn’t realize that Ani has been taping him.

This gives her the cover she needs to author her story for the New York Times. And with some sage words of encouragement for her boss about not protecting her family and “You say what it is you want,” she writes that article. This causes an issue with Luke, and the breakup, because Ani wants to stay in New York City writing for the Times. After her story was published, she gained content. Ani also reads the comments about her article. Many are from various women of different shapes, sizes, ages, and ethnicities. All thank her for her bravery and the courage it has given them.

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