High School season 1, episode 4 recap – “Welcome Home”

By Ricky Valero
Published: October 14, 2022 (Last updated: last month)
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“Welcome Home” is the best episode of the season yet, with Cobie Smulders stealing the show.

This recap of the Amazon Freevee series High School season 1, episode 4, “Welcome Home,” contains spoilers.

In High School season 1, episode 3, the sisters continue to push away while making new friends. However, a run-in with Phoebe’s mom leads to her breaking up with Sara (played by Seazynn Gilliland) and breaking her heart. How will Tegan (played by Railey Gilliland) react? Will it affect her new relationship with Maya? Let’s dive in.

High School season 1, episode 4 recap

The episode begins with the black backdrop and the name David in white lettering. I guess we are meeting a new character to kick off episode four. I haven’t talked much about the music on the show, but it’s one of the biggest components that make this show easy to watch. They have a great way of sprinkling it in to really set the mood for each scene.

Onto meeting David, who is working, declines an invitation to go to the bar with his co-workers. He follows with a trip to the grocery store with a TERRIBLE dad joke to the checkout lady. Next, he falls asleep on his couch, and a knock on the door and it’s Tegan and Sara, and they say, “Hey, dad, can we come in.” We transition to another black screen with Sara’s name in the white lettering.

A montage of events goes from a birthday to Christmas to New Year’s. First, Sara isn’t doing good since the breakup. Next, Simone checks in on her, but she doesn’t want to be bothered. Then, at the bus stop, Tegan attempts to talk to her and see what is going on with her. We move to the theater class, where Natalie chimes in to at least get a half smile out of Sara. Sara and Tegan are on the couch together while the phone rings. So, Sara pops up to grab it in hopes that it might be Phoebe, but it’s just Maya calling to talk to Tegan.

Sara is sitting on the bed, going through old notes from Phoebe leading to her calling and talking to her. The conversation is slightly awkward, and when Sara mentions hanging out, Phoebe says yes, but weirdly puts in that Tegan should come to, and Sara gets knocked down a peg. After that, the sisters sit down with Ally and Natalie. And Natalie got the part in the school play but said she had the thing to bring Sara back from the dead. Sara is confused, but we all know it’s true. Natalie mentions that there is a rave they should all go to on Saturday. After much convincing, Tegan reluctantly agrees to go.

The sisters bring Natalie into the house, and she uses her spunky personality to introduce herself to their mom. They hit it off well, which leads to Sara asking her if the duo can stay the night at her house Saturday. Simone, slightly caught off guard, says yes because she heard “both of them” in the sentence and got happy they are doing things together again.

We move to Natalie’s house, where everyone is prepping to go to the rave. Tegan asks about a trillion questions about it when Natalie gives the sisters some drugs while they are at the party. So off to the rave we go, which seems to be a blast, and Tegan finds Maya and heads off to see her while Sara hangs out with Natalie and Ally. However, Sara loses her friends when the drugs start to kick in. However, moments later, she stumbles across Natalie and Ally kissing, which leads to a stare-down between Ally and Sara. I don’t think these two like each other that much.

The ending

As everyone is heading home and making sleeping arrangements, they walk towards Natalie’s house only to see their mom waiting outside in the car. Simone gives the kids a lecture about using her by mentioning they would spend time together. Then she tells them she is taking them to their dad’s house. However, a little talk back from Sara makes Simone kick them out of the car and make them walk the rest of the way. WOW.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting that to end the episode and how they ended up at their father’s doorstep. Cobie Smulders is absolutely killing it so far through four episodes as Simone.

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