28 Days Haunted season 1, episode 4 recap – “The Awakening”

By Louie Fecou
Published: October 24, 2022
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More mind-numbing insubstantial and inane ghost-hunting shenanigans.

We recap the Netflix horror reality series 28 Days Haunted season 1, episode 4, “The Awakening,” which contains spoilers.

Right, it’s Episode 4, and this was a tough one to get back to. 28 Days Haunted season 1, episode 3 was slow, melodramatic, and contrived, so I am hoping that the production team has had a good look at themselves and upped the ante a bit. Buckle up for a recap of Episode 4, and hopefully, something might happen.

28 Days Haunted season 1, episode 4 recap

Brandy and Jereme are outside, again, talking. Brandy has decided that if she leaves, the ghosts might not get closure. So, this seems to have gone on all night as they are still talking at 8.05 am, Jereme looks ready to collapse, and Brandy decides that if they move the beds downstairs, then she might be able to stay. Jereme validates Brandy by saying he believes she is in danger. There are less than 2 weeks left in the cycle, and Voiceover does his best to try to keep us invested.

We return to Captain Grant’s Inn and it’s day 16 and psychic Sean is looking for a breakthrough. Sean tells us he was visited by ghostly Adelaide again in his dream, so he gets the boys together and they head out to the graveyard again with Nick’s thermal imaging camera in the hope they catch something on film. Skeptic Nick finds a hot piece of ground, and Sean feels weird.

Back in Denver at the Lumber Baron Inn, Amy still hasn’t done much, so on day 16 Ray and Shane are at a dead end, so they have a meeting and decide they need to work together to move forward. On day 17, they have a house meeting, and Amy says she won’t mirror scry.

In all honesty, after 17 days in a haunted house, I think I would have come up with more footage than these jokers, luckily Amy seems to have no problem whatsoever with candle scrying. Who knew? Amy explains how it works, and I have no idea what she is talking about. The team agrees, so on night 17, Amy is going to stare into a candle and try to talk to the spirits of the two murdered girls. She sets it up and the lads leave her to it. Cue some spooky stock music and Amy starts to talk to the candle. Downstairs the boys think they see a shadow. Amy starts to feel uneasy, then gets a fright and shouts the boys.

Cut back to Madison Dry Goods, and Brandy and Jereme have moved downstairs, so she is feeling better now. They have a spirit box set up and hope to communicate with the father’s ghost in the tobacco room. The pair can hear footsteps, and they talk to the spirit box. The box appears to say the name Charlie, the father’s name. Jereme asks if the ghost made a noise but there is no answer. Brandy asks Charlie to stand back, Jereme gets a headache. Voiceover explains that the father was a tobacconist.

Back in Denver, Amy says something touched her in the room, and she is freaked out thinking the spirit of the girl’s killer has attacked her. Shane decides it is his turn to attempt psychic contact with the ghosts.

Over at Captain Grant’s Inn, it is night 19, and they want to investigate the psychic hot spot they found outside. They use a metal detector at the spot and decide to dig it up. Skeptic Nick digs a hole and finds a metal star, or pentagram, in the earth. He radios the other guys, and they head out to meet him. Nick shows them the star, and they wonder if it is the reason the spirits are trapped.

Jereme has decided that he wants to provoke the spirit of Charlie, but Brandy is not happy. Jereme, obviously looking for more screen time, starts ranting at Charlie, however, Jereme tells Brandy to get out and feels he is under attack. Brandy leaves, and we cut to studio Aaron, he explains that the Warrens say at this stage the investigators are at risk of possession.

At Lumbar Baron Inn, it seems the candle scrying was not a success, so Shane is ready to take the stage. He is going to build his sensory deprivation tank in an attempt to get into the spirit world. When I say tank, it’s really a salt-filled paddling pool they build. Shane pops into the pool and lies in the dark while Amy and Ray wait outside. Shane then starts to talk, he sees a staircase and a door, and one of the murdered girls. He seems to be going through her last moments before she is shot stating that there were many more.

The ending

At last, an ending that does not involve Brandy. The sensory deprivation tank gives us something else to look at, but oddly Amy does not seem too impressed. Shane reliving the murder of one of the girls is his standout moment and I wonder why it has taken him so long to use the tank? I would have had it out on day 2. This episode was a little more interesting than the last one, but as far as the investigation goes, all three teams are just useless. They have not managed to uncover anything that a Google search would not have done in 5 minutes, and once again the lack of content is almost embarrassing. There should be a Netflix series about debunking this type of hokum, or has Derren Brown already done that?

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