Reboot season 1, episode 8 recap – the finale and ending explained

By Adam Lock
Published: October 25, 2022
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The season one finale of Reboot focuses more on the emotional aspects of the series than the humor this time around, which makes for a welcome departure. This is a show that has real sticking power, and that deserves a second season.

We recap the Hulu series Reboot season 1, episode 8, “Who’s the Boss,” which contains spoilers and details of the ending.

The first season of Reboot ends in style with “Who’s the Boss,” again mixing together that great combination of rip-roaring humor and genuine heart. The concluding chapter amps up the stakes, too, with Step Right Up’s fate hanging in the balance and cancellation looming on the cards. Other plot points include Bree (played by Judy Greer) telling a serious lie while being interviewed live on camera and Clay (played by Johnny Knoxville) considering buying his first house.

Reboot season 1, episode 8 recap – the finale

The finale opens with the writer’s room staff ordering food. Elaine shows up to have a quiet word with Hannah and Gordon. Instantly, the older writers talk of cancellation. That isn’t necessarily the case, but it may as well be. Her boss, Daniel Silver, has been fired and the replacement is cleaning house. Gordon asks who the new boss is and when he hears that it is Tyler Griffin, his entire demeanor changes – this is not good news at all.

Bree is interviewed by the press and hears that her ex-husband is remarrying and that the happy couple are expecting their first baby together. Bree tries to hide her anger and panics, blaring out a lie about her and Reed been back together and also talking about having babies. The journalist is shocked by this exclusive and posts about it online. Bree has created one hell of a situation out of this blatant lie and, as predicted, this setup leads to much hilarity.

Meanwhile, Clay contemplates buying his first house. Zack sees his fellow cast member struggling with this decision and weighs in with his own opinion. The teen star bought his first house at fourteen and now rents out five other properties. He thinks it’s a great idea, near enough convincing Clay to grow up and do the financially smart thing.

Gordon admits that he slept with Tyler’s wife as payback for the way he was handling the original sitcom. Tyler didn’t like the show and cancelled the original run. These two have history and Hannah fears the worst. Elaine informs them that Tyler wants to meet and things go just as you’d expect. They start with niceties, but Tyler announces that they are moving Timberly over to a different production, which would affect ratings and future storylines. Adding insult to injury, Tyler also states that they will be cutting the show’s promo and production budget. Gordon flies off the handle and calls Tyler stupid to his face, then he admits that he did sleep with his wife.

Hannah orders Gordon to go back and apologize. This argument will have serious consequences on all the staff and cast members’ lives. People’s livelihoods are in jeopardy, but Gordon refuses to cooperate. Elaine warns Zack of this impending cancellation and he expresses his strong desire to tell Clay before he signs his mortgage deal. Elaine forbids Zack from telling anyone else, but Zack is a loyal soul, who puts his friend before his ‘possible’ girlfriend. Zack warns Clay, but he won’t fully commit to telling the whole truth. He says the industry is unpredictable and that he’s changed his mind, but Clay signs the paperwork anyway, frustrated by Zack’s zig-zagging.

Bree goes to warn Reed about her little white lie before his own interview starts, but finds Nora in his trailer instead. Bree awkwardly backtracks and refuses to tell Reed the truth in front of his girlfriend. Nora suspects an affair, though Reed vehemently denies it. Then during his interview, the journalist brings up Bree’s lie. He puts on a brave face for the cameras and then rushes after her. Bree admits that she just panicked, but Reed is furious.

Reed meets with Nora, who knows all about the rumors. He explains the unfortunate situation in detail and promises her that nothing is going on. Nora says that she is tired of their long distance relationship and worries she is losing him. Reed decides to propose there and then, with Nora accepting. Bree then calls, confessing her love to Reed – what great timing guys. He informs her that he has just got engaged and she hangs up.

Ending of Reboot season 1 finale

Gordon does the right thing eventually and meets with Tyler again. He refuses to apologize, but formulates a deal instead. He will quit the project if Tyler leaves the show alone. Tyler agrees and Gordon gets to sacrifice himself, to be the hero. Hannah realizes that this is just classic dad walking out on her again. He comments on how proud he is of what they have achieved together and kisses his daughter on the forehead.

The finale ends with Clay sat alone in his empty, new pad. Hulu send him a bottle of alcohol as a congratulations and he stares at the liquor, unsure whether to drink it or not. Bree turns up on his door step, saying that she doesn’t want to be alone. Clay lets her in, bringing the series to a somewhat solemn end.

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