Fortune Feimster: Good Fortune review – a fun, yet forgettable time

By Ricky Valero
Published: October 26, 2022


Fortune Feimster: Good Fortune might not be the best stand-up special, but a good time is had.

The Netflix comedy specials machine in 2022 continues – here is our official review of Fortune Feimster: Good Fortune.

Fortune Feimster returns to Netflix for her second stand-up comedy special for the streaming giant with Fortune Feimster: Good Fortune. Is the special worth checking out? Let’s dive in.

The special’s opening is rather simplistic, with a montage of Chicago in the backdrop with the title card dropping as someone announces Fortune to the stage. As she enters, it’s your stereotypical curtain on a stage, nothing fancy, but it hits the spot. I give it a solid six out of ten for the opening.

Her opening bit starts by talking about how people assume because she is butch that she is a handy person. It followed with a Jason Momoa story that is actually quite hilarious. While the entire bit starts a little slow, the ending is worth the payoff, and it reels you into wanting to continue and hear more from Fortune.

One of my favorite bits from the special was a lengthy conversation about how she isn’t “the protector” of her family. It was one of those things that are pretty relatable to people: when it comes down to protecting their family, they are willing to send someone else in to fight the battle. I’m sure people will be all, “you gotta protect your family,” but look, sometimes the battle ain’t worth fighting alone. I ask you not to share this review with my family, but if it comes down to a shark vs. my kid, sorry, kid, the shark wins this one. I’ll stand there and scream at it, “don’t eat my kid,” but if you think I’m getting in the water, hard pass. If you are reading this and judging me, you don’t have kids.

If I were single, my favorite app would be Grubhub.

Another funny thing was her breaking down the generational difference between so many different things. From playing dodgeball as kids to spelling out boobs on your phone to the modern-day attempt to find people on dating apps, Fortune’s jokes were relatable so much, especially to my generation.

Fortune has an odd delivery, and it’s a bit dry, you can say, which at times can benefit her style with how she delivers the jokes. She isn’t going to razzle dazzle you with any hand gestures or over-the-top facial expressions, but she can get the job done without it all. Fortune knows her talents and what she can do on the stage and pulls the trigger at the right time to make a joke her own.

Overall, Fortune Feimster: Good Fortune is a solid and funny special that might be slightly forgettable. You will have fun watching it, but none of the jokes will stay with you longer than mere minutes after it is over. However, I still recommend checking it out.

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