The Handmaid’s Tale season 5, episode 9 release date, time and where to watch

October 26, 2022
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We provide predictions for the Hulu series The Handmaid’s Tale season 5, episode 9, and detail the release date, time  and where to watch online.

Commander Lawrence’s master plan starts to build traction in The Handmaid’s Tale season 5, episode 8, as Canadian citizens grow weary of their refugee allies and June’s need to save Hannah only intensifies. Serena fights to reclaim her baby, whilst June plots to protect her own. It’s another superb episode, with some truly impressive performances, especially from Bradley Whitford, who really comes into his own in this instalment. Here’s what happened in episode eight of The Handmaid’s Tale:

  • Protestors march outside June’s house, demanding the American refugees leave their country. They have to deal with graffiti, animosity and a growing hatred, all the while, changes are afoot in Gilead.
  • Commander Lawrence initiates his New Bethlehem scheme, now that Putnam is out of the way. He proposes an island for refugees, so that they can return to the motherland. The other commanders agree, but he needs some citizens to accept this risky proposition first, for it to work. Lawrence wants June to come on board to influence others.
  • Serena breast pumps in the detention center whilst her baby is left in the care of the Wheelers. Alanis visits to collect the milk and complains about Noah crying. Serena feels like her son’s life is completely out of her control.
  • Lawrence meets with June and makes his offer. She can be reunited with Hannah if she moves to New Bethlehem, adding that Nick will be there to protect her too. He passes June a phone to call him on. Luke and June discuss the proposition, but Luke is vehemently against it.
  • Serena is offered a chance to be with Noah, but she must live with the Wheelers. Lawrence states that she has no other options.
  • Tuello tries to convince June not to accept Lawrence’s offer, whilst Rita says otherwise. Serena is the last person to weigh in on the situation, and she manages to change June’s mind. Serena practically begs for June’s help, but June won’t assist. They discuss New Bethlehem and Serena’s situation with the Wheelers. June tells her to plot her escape, but that she needs to be with her son no matter what. The realization then sinks in for June, she needs to move back to Gilead.
  • June asks Lawrence for help convincing Luke. He has no answers, only stating that New Bethlehem is his way of making amends for all the horrors in Gilead. He needs June to help fix it, else he’ll kill himself.
  • June is sent a disc showing footage of Hannah in Gilead. Luke still refuses to go and argues with June. She’s made up her mind though and wants to go. Moira suggests tracing the data on the disc, which leads to Tuello finding Hannah’s location. (Spoilers)
  • Serena returns to the Wheeler’s house and plays the role of a good Handmaid. She is then reunited with Noah and feeds him.

The Handmaid’s Tale season 5, episode 9 release date and time

Episode 9 is scheduled to release on Hulu on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022, at 12 am ET. Episode 9 is rumored to be titled “Allegiance.”

Where to watch online

Viewers can catch The Handmaid’s Tale season 5, episode 9 with a subscription to Hulu on the date mentioned above.


  • Serena will continue to follow June’s advice and plot her escape from the inside. She is closer to her son now and can protect him more than before. Hopefully she can slowly influence the Wheeler’s parenting techniques from within the home. The mansion is fortified though, so her escape will have to involve a doozy of a plan.
  • Tuello and the government will start to make plans to extract Hannah from Gilead, although knowing her location is one thing, but getting her out is an entirely different situation.
  • Luke and June will discuss the possibilities of rescuing Hannah and weigh up the pros and cons of New Bethlehem some more. Luke might be swayed by the new set of circumstances and might change his mind.

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