Hellhole ending explained – what happened to the missing girls and why did the ritual fail?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: October 27, 2022 (Last updated: April 19, 2023)

We discuss the ending of the Netflix horror film Hellhole, which will contain spoilers. Be warned!

In 1987 Poland, a police officer investigating mysterious disappearances infiltrates a remote monastery and discovers a dark truth about its clergy. The horror film, Hellhole, was co-written and directed by Bartosz M. Kowalski, and he creates a sinister atmosphere from the very beginning of the film. We see a priest about to kill a baby with an odd mark on his chest.

From that scene, we know that the baby will be special, and like all religious horror films, there’s a tie to the devil. Kowalski then flashes forward to the present day in a Sanitorium. A new priest named Marek (Piotr Zurawski) goes to the clergy because they are looking for an exorcist.

The Sanitorium is known for exorcism, and they vet the priests coming into the area. The lighting is dark, and it feels eerie when they walk through the halls of the Sanitorium. The priests all come together to eat in the main hall and serve something rather disgusting. Marek doesn’t take well to the meal, and weird things start happening to him when he’s alone in his room. He doesn’t digest the food properly, and he starts hallucinating. We find out that Marek is an undercover cop sent to investigate the Sanitorium because eight women have gone missing due to exorcisms.

The only way the cops would be able to get in and talk to Prior Andrzej (Olaf Lubaszenko) is by pretending to be a priest. He finds out the issues with this clergy and how unconventional their methods are.

Hellhole ending explained – what happened to the missing girls, and why did the ritual fail?

By the end of the horror film Hellhole, we start to get some answers. Throughout the film, Marek was trying to find out where the missing girls are and he slowly discovers the clergy’s secret. The meal that he was eating every day in the main hall was, in fact, the girls who were missing. Marek felt sick to his stomach and even found a tooth after eating the meal.

There were these strange incidents that kept happening to him that including seeing insects and other hallucinations around him after eating the meal. A few days after the exorcism, the priests dug out the grave to place a coffin in it. Father Marek walked to the room where the girl was kept and saw that it was now empty.

One of the Priors, Piotr, followed Marek at one point and asked him to meet him in the confessional. There, he told him that everyone was watching him closely. He went back to his room to see if he could find any devices that could have been hidden.

At one point, he pushed the wardrobe and found a hole behind it. Marek reached his hand into the hole and found a storage object made out of bones and a moving eyeball. He threw it away and vomited out a black substance. After a run-in with Prior Andrzej, he went to the kitchen to find out what was in the food. He opened the door to the freezer to find the bodies of the women.

The clergy was practicing cannibalism as the bodies were dismembered and were hanging from hooks. As for Marek being the chosen one, Prior Andrzej tried to perform the ritual with him right after he discovered what was happening in the Sanitorium.

They believed that the Evil One would emerge from the gateway to hell and enter the body of the chosen one, and a new world order would begin. Even after some sacrifices, nothing happened, and they threw Marek down a well.

The next morning, Piotr went into the Prior’s room and ended up suffocating him so he could take on the role of the head of the clergy. But he noticed that the cross in his room was upside down, meaning the devil was present. Meanwhile, Marek woke up surrounded by bones, and he could feel something take over him. It took a whole night for the devil to consume him and take his form. While the dream of the clergy was to become the Devil’s apostles, the Devil himself showed no mercy and killed them all. The devil was now on Earth, ready to pick off the humans, one by one.

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