Enola Holmes 2 ending explained — who is the man Enola sent to Sherlock’s door?

By Marc Miller
Published: November 4, 2022 (Last updated: January 30, 2024)

We discuss the ending of the Netflix film Enola Holmes 2, which will contain spoilers.

Enola Holmes 2 introduced us to a Moriarty, who walked among the men undetected because she was a woman. According to the papers, she escapes at the end of the film. Sherlock drew her out intentionally; if you jumble up all the letters of Mira Troy, you can produce Moriarty. Also, Enola (Millie Bobby Brown) solved the mystery of where Sharon went. She went undercover, with the help of a few others, to prove the matchstick company was poisoning the girls who worked in the factory with its new white sulfur. But who cares! The real ending comes during the mid-credit scene! Let’s discuss it!

Sherlock asked his sister, Enola, to consider being his partner at a private detective agency. Or whatever they may call it in the late Victorian era. Initially, Enola feels pride and even respect from her legendary big brother. Finally, the world’s greatest detective validates Enola’s professional skills and looks past her age and gender, which are set up to deny her talent based on societal norms. So, what will they call it? Sherlock and Associates? No, he shows her even greater respect than she could imagine. Sherlock wants to call it Holmes and Holmes. The younger Holmes tells him that she will think about it.

Enola Holmes 2 ending explained – who is the man Enola sent to Sherlock’s door?

When Sherlock is at his apartment/office, there is a knock at the door. A man with a tweed coat and a top hat with an exciting look. The dapper man is there for an appointment. Sherlock says he must be mistaken. The man says the young lady told him it was on Thursday at four o’clock in the afternoon. Sherlock closes his eyes, smiles, and slightly shakes his head. Yes, it must have been Enola to send the man his way. He welcomes him into the flat. Wait, we have not gotten his name yet. Who is the man Enola sent to Sherlock’s door?

“Please come in, mister…?” Sherlock asks. “Doctor,” replies the man. “Watson. John Watson.”

After the first Enola Holmes came out, some news articles showed that Netflix wanted to do a stand-alone spinoff of Henry Cavill’s Sherlock. There was quite a social media uproar about it then. Fans, most of the great Millie Brown, thought Netflix was abounding an unforgettable story of a female heroine in a man’s world for another male-dominated tale in a genre dominated by them.

Now, networks will do what executives want them to do, which means capitalizing on the success of the first Enola Holmes. But to think they would never make a sequel to the original was short-sighted. However, this second film gave Cavill’s Sherlock more screen time than the first film. In this last scene, Watson is played by Yesterday‘s Himesh Patel, finally bringing the Holmes and Watson story to its beginning. This is the perfect starting point for a spinoff series for the streaming giant.

And hopefully, if you have Harry Bradbeer and Jack Thorne bringing this story to life, it should be a smashing success.

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