Minions & More 2 ending explained – what happens with the Illumination characters?

November 9, 2022
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Minions & More 2 and will contain spoilers.

In Volume 2 of Minions & More, the team at Illumination is back and they have cute little short films of all their favorite characters.

To open the series of short films, the minions start off with a simple story. They see an ad on the shopping channel for a blender. In this ad, the hosts are making a banana smoothie, which has the minions foaming at the mouth. So, as any child would, they went out to make some money doing odd jobs around the neighborhood.

In the second short film, we head into The Secret Life of Pets with Super Gidget (Jenny Slate) who acts like a little superhero and tries to save Max from Infestor, who is the master of mind control (technically a flea) who kidnaps him.

The segways into new short films are adorable as well. The third short film takes the audience to jail with the minions, they put the minions out on the road, and inadvertently help an inmate escape with their shenanigans. The rest of the short films highlight the minions going on different adventures as they cover all the bases from the stone age, to taking care of babies. It’s such a cute little series of shorts that have wonderful animation and some fun moments because of the minions. Even though they can be a bit annoying sometimes, the jokes do land. Illumination is one of the most underrated animation companies and they do not get the credit they deserve.

Minions and More 2 ending explained

The series of shorts come to an end with the Pigs from Sing. Gunther comes into Rosita’s home to babysit her children who she just put to bed. Rosita is scared to leave Gunther with the children because it should be an easy task since they’re asleep. With one phone call from Rosita, one of her sons woke up, and then all the kids hear the wrapper of the chocolate. They rush downstairs to eat all the chocolate they can get their hands on. The kids start to attack him and within seconds Gunther puts on his playlist instead of calling Rosita. The kids start dancing with Gunther but they get exhausted within seconds because of the sugar high. They crash right after and without even realizing the time, Rosita is going to be home in 10 minutes. He hustles to get the kids back into their beds before she gets home.

He manages to get them all upstairs and ready in bed. As Rosita comes back into her home, Gunther is out of breath and tells her that he would be more than happy to babysit again next week. Right before she agrees, one of her kids falls from the ceiling fan on top of Gunther’s head. Gunther seems like the perfect babysitter for Rosita.

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