Mammals season 1 – do Jamie and Amandine end up together?

November 11, 2022
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In Mammals season 1, do Jamie and Amandine end up together? We discuss that question and provide an answer. 

One of the main reasons you are invested in Mammals is to find out if Jamie (James Corden) and Amandine (Melia Kreiling) make it. Despite their trials and tribulations, they still want to make it last. So, let’s answer the big question, Do Amandine and Jamie get back together?

It all seems like rainbows and butterflies for Amandine and Jamie. Jamie was set to open his first restaurant alone, and Amandine was pregnant with the couple’s second child. When we first meet the couple, they are on vacation together with the most beautiful view (and Tom Jones). However, while they are having the time of their lives, Amandine has a miscarriage.

We are sitting here watching, devastated, right? As Amandine is lying in the hospital bed, she tells Jamie that he has to call everyone and let them know what happened. So he begins to do that, but he sees a few text messages from a guy that are pretty scandalous. Not sure how to act, Jamie keeps the little secret to himself and decides he will go on his own hunt to get behind the truth.

The duo continues to live like normal as they have a little memorial for the baby. Then, Amandine starts a new passion for playing the violin, and Jamie prepares to open his restaurant while on the hunt for who she is cheating on him with. Finally, the duo starts to go to counseling together until Jamie exposes Amandine at his restaurant opening. Regardless of what went down, they seemed to have a love for one another to MAYBE fix it.

When we peel back the layers of Jamie and Amandine’s relationship, we find out that the two met together on a yacht. Jamie was working for a chef prepping food, and Amandine was on it with her boyfriend. An accidental meeting between the two led to a little spark that ignited a flame. Later on, we find out that not only was Amadine in a relationship but so was Jamie. Regardless of their feelings, the duo decided they were right for each other.

So their relationship started with both of them cheating, and now it is on the verge of ending with Amandine’s infidelity. In the final episode, we see a note left to Amandine where Jamie believes he figured out who Paul is and wants to meet with Amandine.

Mammals season 1 – do Jamie and Amandine end up together?

The meeting happens between the two where she tells him the baby was his, and Jamie does not care to hear much about it. Jamie begins listing the names of people affected by what she did. He starts to raise his voice and says he smashed her violin. Of course, Amandine already knew that he did that.

What happened next? I did not see it coming, and I’m not sure many of you saw it coming if you were watching. But we saw Amandine break down the details of every affair and the type of sex they had, but when she brought up the manifesto, I thought for sure we were going to see a charming moment between them. Instead, Amandine turns on the TV, shows her burning that manifesto, and we see Jamie and another girl on a hotel balcony making out together. Then, BOOM, she dropped a bombshell on him and us.

So, the answer is no, they don’t end up back together in the finale, not for what we expected. Jamie ignited Amandine’s cheating, and now it has come full circle, causing Amandine to be done for good.

What did you think of Jamie and Amandine’s relationship? Comment below.

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