The English season 1, episode 2 recap – will Whipp go with Cornelia to Wyoming?

By Marc Miller
Published: November 11, 2022
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You just cannot take your eyes off Emily Blunt in The English.

We recap the Prime Video series The English season 1, episode 2, which contains spoilers.

You just cannot take your eyes off Emily Blunt in The English. She brings an exquisite beauty and weathered grit few can find on the screen. Here, along with a very effective performance by Chaske Spencer, this duo makes the series worth watching, even if the pace is a little faster than moseying down through the prairie.

The English season 1, episode 2 recap – will Whipp go with Cornelia to Wyoming?

The episode starts in Hoxum, Wyoming. A young “honorable” Englishman named Trafford (Tom Hughes) comes into town complaining about the homesteaders killing his prize-winning long-horn bulls. They are slicing up the pregnant ones and pulling out the gestated offspring to let them die. One of the Englishman’s workers saw something similar in the city of Cheyenne. Someone was cutting up pregnant women. This is a new town setup by homesteaders, and a man named Melmont has his name on a general store.

Meanwhile, in Cornelia and Whipp’s timeline, they are in Kansas, one month away. They run across some bushwhackers who just killed a man who didn’t speak English and had a pregnant wife. They demand the English woman’s bags. Cornelia, though, won’t give them up. She has the rifle cocked as he told her. She lifts up the firearm and hits one of them in the leg. Whipp leaps off his horse and takes out the man in the center and to his left. The one with the wounded leg gets away, but as he gets through the bushes, Cornelia hits him with the bow and arrow he left behind.

Cornelia and Whipp come across the bushwhacker’s first kill. The man’s family were Mennonites, and the pregnant wife was dead. Or, according to Whipp, it is too late for her. Whipp decides to deliver the baby. He asks Cornelia to look for sugar. When she does, she finds a young girl hiding under the wagon with supplies. She pulls her out, and then Whipp comes out with the new child in his hands. They then debate what to do with them. Cornelia feels they need to find a family where Whipp thinks she should take them. After all, she was a mother; now she can be again. She doesn’t want another family, she says. Cornelia already had a child.

The English season 1, episode 2 ending 

The English season 1, episode 2 ends with the duo running into the Clarkes, to whom she gives money for their wagon. They will not take the children. Cornelia and Whipp take the night before they are set to leave. There is one big question remaining that has been like a cloud over their relationship so far. Will Whipp go with Cornelia to Wyoming? He refuses to go with her. He wants to make it to Nebraska for his claim of land, which is something he has dreamed about since joining the Army. Cornelia decides to take the children and the wagon to find the German relatives of these children.

Before she goes, Whipp stops her and gives her some tips. Keep the bow and arrows close, but her knife closer. And if fighting a man gets close, he will pause, and she should utilize that. Why would they pause, she asks? Well, because of her face. Cornelia wonders what’s wrong with her face, but it becomes clear when Whipp tells her because men look at it. She is flattered and offers more advice on her own self-awareness. She is a Scorpio, she can defend herself, but they are their own worst enemy.

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