Deon Cole: Charleen’s Boy Review – a special that reminds you of the golden age of comedy

November 15, 2022 (Last updated: March 9, 2023)
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Deon Cole: Charleen’s Boy highlights every reason why I love stand-up comedy. A non-stop, raunchy good time.

We review the Netflix stand-up comedy special Deon Cole: Charleen’s Boy, which was released on Netflix in November 2022.

Deon Cole has been doing stand-up comedy for over fifteen years now. You may also recognize him from his recurring role on Black-ish and Grown-ish and playing in films like The Harder They Fall and Barbershop. He is back with another stand-up special titled Deon Cole: Charleen’s Boy. Is it worth checking out? Let’s dive in.

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The special opens with some phone footage of Deon Cole conversing with what I would assume is his momma, Charleen. She is talking about his last special and what he covered during that. As she is talking, we transition to Cole walking on his way to the stage to a welcoming applause from the crowd. I was a big fan of the change of pace opening with that raw conversation with his mother, a ten out of ten rating.

One thing that makes Cole stand out as a comedian is his delivery. He has this serious tone in his voice when delivering the jokes that you know while he is telling a joke, that he is also SERIOUS. So, for example, he did a bit about wasting his time, which was so funny, but how he said it, you knew that if someone wasted his actual time, he would let them have it for real.

Some of your sex toys are older than your kids.

However, as serious as Cole can be, he does do some facial and body expressions that are straight-ass funny. It feels like he reels you in with his straight-faced jokes and then breaks out the extra stuff that has you rolling. From sex toys (you know you googled Tracy’s dog) to having sex as you get older to not wanting to cuddle, Cole’s jokes are raunchy but relatable. I love when comedians break down everyday life in a comedic way, including making fun of people. When a joke lands, you have those people that think to themselves, “that ain’t me,” Cole quickly reminds everyone, “it is you.”

“Lord, please kill my supervisor.”

While we have all the fresh new comedians that we all love, sometimes it is equally as fun to see the veterans of the game like Cole deliver some good old-fashioned jokes. Cole does what he does best, he gets on the stage, tells his jokes without making any political statements or virtue signaling, and hits homerun after homerun. It’s the type of special that would’ve worked 50 years ago, and today, it’s a reminder of why I fell in love with stand-up comedy.

Overall, Deon Cole: Charleen’s Boy is the type of special you throw on without any questions and enjoy the hour ahead of you. I will admit that jokes will land with all ages, but this one is for the over-30 crowd that has been through some things in life. It’s raunchy, funny, and crazy but downright relatable. This one is just a good time.

What did you think of the Netflix stand-up comedy special Deon Cole: Charleen’s Boy? Comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Deon Cole: Charleen’s Boy Review – a special that reminds you of the golden age of comedy

  • November 19, 2022 at 7:14 am

    He’s flat out the sexiest man standing and funny as f**k. I can’t get enough of him and would love to be his vintage piece

  • November 20, 2022 at 2:42 pm

    Great show! ?? Had my wife and me cracking up and she’s very conservative. Nevertheless since it’s was so relatable she really liked it. Not to mention I think she’s secretly in love with Deon. Definitely an all time classic and I admire the emotional intelligence and shout-out to people suffering and his late mother. Keep the focus brother!

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