5 Shows like State of Alabama Vs. Brittany Smith that you must watch

November 16, 2022
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We discuss 5 TV shows like the Netflix documentary State of Alabama vs. Brittany Smith you must watch.

Whilst State of Alabama Vs. Brittany Smith is a short documentary film, the series below all have similar themes, which include women being let down by the system. They each explore themes of gender, domestic and sexual violence, and the failures of our criminal justice system, both past and present. 

State of Alabama Vs. Brittany Smith is the sad story of a woman who tried to use the “Stand Your Ground” Law in Alabama for a self-defense charge when she shot a man who she claimed had sexually assaulted and physically attacked her. The short documentary follows her story and raises awareness of the inequality of women shown in the state of Alabama. 

The reality is countless women are imprisoned for killing their rapists or abusers each year, and it’s a growing problem. If you’re passionate, intrigued, and curious, here are some similar shows to fuel your feminism. 

5 Shows like State of Alabama Vs. Brittany Smith that you must watch

Killer Sally (2022)

Killer Sally is a recent docuseries that has taken the online streaming world by storm. The intriguing story about Sally McNeil, a former bodybuilder and Marine, who shot and killed her husband Ray McNeil, also a bodybuilder, on Valentine’s day 1995. Sally, who claimed to be acting in self-defense, was sentenced to 19 to life in prison and served a total of 25 years before being released. This docu-series is a conversation starter and will make you question your morals and the justice system. 

Jailbirds (2019)

At the Sacramento County Jail, incarcerated females have to fight the power, and one another, as they try to make the best of life for themselves while on the inside. This series shows what it really is like for women living inside prison walls, as they discuss their crimes, their remorse, and plans for the future. Filled with drama and dysfunction, Jailbirds will shed light on the system and how it treats women on the inside. 

Murder to Mercy: The Cyntoia Brown Story (2020) 

This documentary film directed by Daniel H. Birman showcases the true story of Cyntoia Brown, who was 16 years old when she shot and killed Johnny Michael Allen in 2004. At that young age, she was sentenced to life in prison for her crime. This documentary questions her past, physiology, mental health, and the law.

The Ripper (2020)

The Ripper will take us to Yorkshire, United Kingdom in the 1970s, where a copycat-type killer (taking the name from the notorious London Ripper) took to the streets, killing women and causing chaos and fear amongst people in the North of England. Investigators and witnesses discuss the traumatic time and reflect on what they could have done better in catching him sooner. This series also looks at how women were treated in the ’70s, and in this, how the UK tried to protect women instead of victim-blaming them. 

The State of Texas Vs. Melissa (2020)

In this documentary, filmmaker Sabrina Van Tassel follows the life journey of Melissa Lucio, who is a Texas Death Row inmate facing her last appeal. The United States, in some states, still allows the Death Penalty, and for years people will sit on Death Row trying to appeal. In this emotional journey, you can question if you agree with Death Row, and the law surrounding how people are put there. 

Do you have any other recommendations for series or Documentaries like State of Alabama Vs Brittany Smith? Let us know! 

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