A Christmas Story Christmas ending explained – Will Ralphie save Christmas?

November 17, 2022
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We discuss the ending of the HBO Max film A Christmas Story Christmas, which will contain spoilers.

In 1983, A Christmas Story was released and became a Christmas movie staple in households across the globe. We fast forward over thirty years later, and a sequel has come out with A Christmas Story Christmas.

The movie kicks off with us seeing where life has taken Ralphie. He has a wife and a couple of kids and took the year off to try and write his novel. However, the struggle to find someone to publish his book has started to take a toll on him. We see letter after letter come in that turned him down. Ralphie knows that this is his chance to make things happen, or he will have to return to find a job and stop chasing this dream.

The Parker family is excited because it is Christmas and the kids are ready to decorate. However, Ralphie tells them they don’t decorate until their grandparents come into town. It’s a yearly tradition that they don’t want to break. Sadly, we find out that Ralphie’s father has passed away and uprooted the entire family, leading them to go back home to not only deal with his passing but also try to salvage Christmas. While down in the dumps, Ralphie’s mother reminded him that his father would not want him to be sad during the holidays. She wants him to pick up the spirit of Christmas for her, the family, and his father. Ralphie is extremely nervous because he isn’t sure he can fill his father’s shoes and save Christmas for his family.

A Christmas Story Christmas ending explained

Toward the end of A Christmas Story Christmas, we see the family decorating the tree, and the star breaks out of nowhere. Ralphie had told the kids that no star equals no Santa and the kids were upset. Well, Ralphie decided to head out on Christmas Eve to find the star. While riding around town, he saw a star on top of the tree inside Flicks. So, he decided to break into the bar and steal the star.

Nothing comes easy for Ralphie, but once he can get in and retrieve the star, he rushes out the door. However, a cop catches him red-handed, coming out of the bar. Shortly after, we find out it is his arch nemesis, Scut Farkus. Farkus put Ralphie in the back of the cop car, and he thought the worst. But Farkus took him home and said that when he was a kid, he learned a lesson from Ralphie, and all those years later, he became something of himself.

Ultimately, Ralphie was able to get the star, and Santa was able to come and give the kids presents for Christmas. The morning of Christmas, the kids were elated because all the presents were under the tree. Next, Ralphie goes outside to pick up the paper, and his wife shared what he wrote about his father with the local newspaper. It leads to him getting a call from the newspaper, and they want to know if he has more stories. So not only did Ralphie fill his father’s shoes and save Christmas, he has officially become a writer.

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