Central Park season 3, episode 13 recap – the ending explained

November 18, 2022
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The season finale provided closure in one instance but left a door open that they barely addressed all season. It was quite an underwhelming end of the season.

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The season finale provided closure in one instance but left a door open that they barely addressed all season. It was quite an underwhelming end of the season.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Central Park season 3, episode 13 recap, “The Brandenpire Strikes Back,” which contains spoilers and explains the ending.

Central Park season 3, episode 12 revealed that Paige’s (Kathryn Hahn) book is one step closer to being published. However, as we head into the finale, will the Mayor make his return? Will Bitsy (Stanley Tucci) sink her claws into him? Or will Owen (Leslie Odom Jr.) continue to impress? Let’s dive into the season 3 finale.

Central Park season 3, episode 13 recap

We kick off the finale with Owen’s “I heart the park” fundraiser not going as planned. But, the biggest event to date was thrown by Owen with “I heart the park fest,” filled with food trucks, singing, and so much more. First, we see Paige try to pick up Owen and remind him that he is doing everything possible to make this work. Next, we see Abby awaiting a phone call for an audition for a significant role.

Hey, Bitsy is talking about making moves with the Mayor! Finally, Bitsy talks about how she has been buttering him up for months and is ready to make the final move to put him in her pocket. However, the Mayor’s office called and said they are canceling their meeting due to the strike happening outside her place. We get a very funny protest song happening with a BRILLIANT transition to Owen and Abby singing another song but blending both in one of the more creative moments in the series.

Of course, Bitsy is MASSIVELY upset over the protests. Next, Abby arrives and is put in charge of delivering the chandelier to the Mayor’s office. Then, we see the Mayor arrives to talk to Owen about how impressed he was able to make this happen because nobody believed he could pull it off. Shortly after chatting up Owen, he lets him know Commissioner Frantz is coming to check out the park. He is freaking out because she only comes when something is wrong.

While so much is going on at the park, Owen continues to be stuck on selling the tots. He is freaking out, and Paige is trying his best to get him to calm down. Finally, Paige gets him to relax and take a step back for a few minutes. Bitsy is telling Helen to stop being a downer, but she is just telling her all the things that are happening outside the hotel, including the news talking to former employees that are making her look bad. She orders Helen to end this, or she will end her work there. On the bus, Abby gets the call that it is down to her and one other person for the part. Abby almost said she was busy (delivering the chandelier), but she hopped off the bus and headed for the audition.

Elwood and Owen head to get ice cream. While eating, Owen asks Elwood for advice on how to relax in times like this. Elwood breaks out into a song about how to deal with his anxiety. Honestly, I loved this song because I could use this advice on dealing with my anxiety and my head being all over the place. It’s one of the things I love about the show — they aren’t afraid to tackle real issues, even with songs, which makes the show relatable.

Helen tells Bitsy the people’s demands which include an apology. Bitsy quickly says she will do it, much to the surprise of Helen, but she, of course, tells her that it’ll be a fake one. Abby did good at the audition but forgot the chandelier in the audition room. When she goes back in, she overhears them talking about how the other actress didn’t love seeing someone else auditioning too and took the lower rate. One of the people said they felt bad for using Abby like that because she was nice. All this happened while Abby was listening in.

Central Park season 3, episode 13 ending

As Abby heads to leave, she gets a call from Bitsy, who is ready to find out whether or not she delivered the chandelier. Well, after hearing those bad things at the audition, Abby turns it into a song and calls her out. Helen gets on the phone and congratulates her for doing something few have done. One of the women inside the audition came out and said that if Abby did that in the audition, she would get more roles.

As Bitsy is on the megaphone giving her insincere apology, a protestor calls her out for it. The protestor says they want her to apologize to Helen. But instead, Bitsy announces a 5% wage increase and an extra fifteen minutes for bathroom breaks, and the protestors are elated. The lead protestor apologizes for Helen not getting the apology, but Helen lets her know that she set it up this way and that if they need something done, don’t protest. Instead, come to her because Bitsy might be the boss, but she runs the place.

Owen arrives back at the park and sees Commissioner Kranz. Before Kranz can speak, Owen apologizes for things not going as planned with the fundraiser. She stops him to tell him that she doesn’t visit more because she knows that his places are running great in his hands. Owen is shocked and befuddled but equally as happy. She says the campaign is a huge success and congratulations. The season ends with a montage of everyone singing a song.

I’m honestly very neutral on the season finale of Central Park based on the entire season that was supposed to be built on Bitsy and Owen with the Mayor. They barely addressed it through thirteen episodes, and when the finale comes, it’s a very lackluster finish.

What did you think of Central Park season 3, episode 13, and the ending? Comment below.

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