The People We Hate at the Wedding ending explained – why is Alice mad at Eloise?

November 18, 2022
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We discuss the ending of the Prime Video film The People We Hate at the Wedding, which will contain spoilers.

The People We Hate at the Wedding should be hated. Well, only Alice (Kristen Bell) and Paul (Ben Platt) are two miserable children who are unhappy with their lives. Alice is having an affair with her boss, a man who owns a tech empire but is married and has an infant child at home. Paul is going out with a man who doesn’t value him at all and is in love with an English lothario. He blames his mother, Donna, for his failings and his father for leaving them.

The sibling’s half-sister, Eloise (Cynthia Addai-Robinson), is getting ready for her wedding in England. Eloise’s siblings are not happy with her. They are jealous of her father’s money, and she has not been in touch regularly. She hopes the wedding will be an opportunity to re-establish a family bond. Of course, not everything goes as planned. A whole bunch of family secrets come spilling out. For instance, Alice and Eloise used to be so close. Why is Alice mad at Eloise? She was mad at Eloise for not visiting. Paul tells Eloise she took it to heart because she had a miscarriage.

In turn, when Paul complained about Donna being the reason his father ran off, Eloise gave it to him straight. Paul’s father ran off because he came out of the closet. Donna took his abuse because she did not want to break her son’s heart. At the rehearsal dinner, all hell breaks loose for Alice. Her married lover’s wife has been pretending to text Alice as her husband. And that he is on his way to England! The angry wife shows up in sweats and a hoody and causes a scene. Alice, Paul, and Donna all end up in jail, and Eloise disinvites them to the wedding. To make matters worse, Alice dumped Dennis (Dustin Milligan, a man she met on the plane, because she thought her boss was coming.

However, Eloise has a panic attack and goes missing. Her fiancé finds her family to try and locate her, but they have no until they realize her safe space is Taco Bell (you read that correctly). There, Alice and Eloise begin to mend fences. Eventually, Eloise apologizes for not visiting Alice but explains she just found out the day before she cannot have children. To make matters worse, she still has not told her fiancé. No matter, they make up and get one more product placement in, as Eloise asks for one more Gordita Crunch. Taco Bell is the number-one choice for distraught women everywhere.

The People We Hate at the Wedding ending explained

The film ends with the key players moving on with their lives. After Janney’s, Donna tells her ex-husband how she really feels (his tomcatting around with young women is an effort to fill the void a good woman like Donna left when he dumped her), and she gains closure. The group takes a family photo. (You will notice Eloise’s father, Donna’s ex-husband, is not in the picture).

Eloise and her fiancé are still together, and we assume she told him her secret that she cannot have children. They are carrying an adorable chubby-cheeked child that looks like they were ripped from the 80’s Cabbage Patch store. Platt’s Paul is now single but has found a newfound respect and bond with his mother, Donna. Finally, Alice is now with Dennis, and they take a family photo together.

The narrator then comments on how they didn’t live happily ever after because they will eventually be worm food and adds another product placement by talking about Taco Bell.

Live mas, everyone. Live mas.

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