Who killed Private Dulaney?

By Louie Fecou
Published: November 18, 2022 (Last updated: last month)
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Who killed Private Dulaney? We explore that question following the Hulu docuseries Where is Private Dulaney? A series that has raised many questions.

What is Where is Private Dulaney? about?

Where is Private Dulaney? is a true crime drama series from Disney’s ABC News Studios that follows the story of a mother trying to find her son, Marine Private Leroy Dulaney, who disappeared in May 1979 from his post in the Marine Corps Base Camp in LeJeune in North Carolina.

The Marine Corps declared Private Delaney AWOL, but his mother would take the situation into her own hands, disbelieving the AWOL conjecture and launching her own investigation into the circumstances around her son.

The three episodes go into the details of Carole Dulaney‘s quest to find out the truth about her son’s disappearance. As Carole Dulaney struggles to make any kind of headway with her questions, it becomes apparent that the Marine Corps wants nothing to do with her investigation, but through determination and resolve, the defiant mother would begin to see that there was something more going on at this camp than anyone wanted to admit.

Her determination would lead to an extraordinary story that involves a web of lies and misdirection with rumors of satanic cults, gun running, and drug dealing. Featuring first-hand testimony from Carole, her sons, and Private Dulaney’s wife Brenda, this is a fascinating and incredible story that offers up a final resolution for a mystery that refused to stay buried.

What happened to Private Dulaney?

Major spoilers are ahead for the series Where is Private Dulaney?

Private Dulaney disappeared from his post in the Marines in May 1979, and the Marine Corps would assume that he was absent without leave, AWOL. Up till then, there were no reasons for the soldier to have deserted his post, his vanishing was sudden and unexpected. He was last seen in a car with two other colleagues driving away from their base. However, there would be a much more sinister reason behind Private Dulaney’s vanishing, and eventually, the truth would be revealed.

Is Private Dulaney dead or alive?

Leroy Dulaney had been killed by a fellow Marine, so he is dead. His killer served at Camp Lejeune and was found guilty of murder in the second degree at Onslow County Superior Court. Evidence at the trial showed that Dulaney and his killer had been traveling together in a car. His murderer took out a gun and shot his fellow Marine in the head. After the cold-blooded murder, he would take the body to nearby woods and shoot it again. After a month and a half, the deranged killer would return to where he had placed the corpse and move it.

Who killed Private Dulaney?

Horrifically, Dulaney had been murdered by a fellow Marine called Mark Duane Fletcher. As details of the case were revealed, it became apparent that Fletcher had already made claims about wanting to be a serial killer and had told others that he wanted to kill twelve people in his lifetime.

Mark Fletcher had been considered a “loner” by other soldiers at the camp, and there were already rumors circulating that he may be dealing drugs and was a member of a satanic cult, although these allegations were not proved. It was noted that Dulaney and Fletcher had spent time with each other before the fateful day when he had been murdered.

Billie June Rohweller was associated with Fletcher and Corporal Benjamin Duval. Duval was also present in the car on the night of Dulaney’s murder and would go on to claim that Fletcher had made him an accomplice to the crime. He had been driving the car and would help Fletcher move and bury the body after the event.

Mark Fletcher would also be found guilty of further crimes. Just two days after the killing of Dulaney, Fletcher would shoot Marine Ronald Ray Jenkins, who had met with Duval and Fletcher on May 25th.

Jenkins had made arrangements to sell Fletcher an M16 rifle that he had previously stolen. During the course of her investigation, Carole Dulaney would track down Mark Fletcher and confront him about her son. Fletcher would eventually flee from her car on foot. Duval would eventually receive a twenty-year sentence for his part in the horrific crime, and Fletcher would receive a life sentence for killing Dulaney, and another for Jenkins, with no chance of parole. Currently, Fletcher is in Hyde Correctional Institute in Fairfield, North Carolina.

Where is Private Dulaney? trailer

And so that is who killed Private Dulaney? What are your thoughts on this true crime story? Comment below!

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