Disenchanted ending explained – when will Morgan embrace Giselle as her mother?

November 19, 2022
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We discuss the ending of the Disney+ film Disenchanted, which will contain spoilers. When will Morgan embrace Giselle as her mother? Let’s find out.

Set nearly a decade after the timeline of Enchanted, the premise of Disenchanted is Giselle, Robert, their new baby girl, and Morgan moving out to the suburbs. Everyone is having trouble adjusting to their new life. Giselle has not received a warm welcome from the mothers of the local PTA, led by Malvina (Maya Rudolph) in Monroeville. Robert is feeling unfulfilled with his life as a corporate lawyer. Morgan is upset, mostly because she leaves all her friends and feels like an outsider — even like Giselle when she first left Andalasia. The difference between both is their outlooks.

Morgan vocally tells Giselle that she is not her mother. In fact, every time she calls Giselle her “stepmother,” it seems a little piece of our heroine’s sunny disposition fades away. Remember, the term stepmother has never been popular in fairy tales. Giselle wants to make Monroeville a magical place, just like Andalasia. Of course, this leads to unintended consequences, like Malvina becoming something out of Maleficent, our beloved sunny redhead becomes a wicked stepmother. Morgan is now a maid, and her father is on a quest to earn his manhood status. That means wearing tights, carrying a sword, and being heroically gallant.

That leads to a diva stand-off between the new “evil” Giselle and Malvina. The fight comes to a head where Giselle must choose between Morgan, who is being crushed by some vines, or saving Andalasia. This snaps her out of the evil trance. We then see many of our beloved characters in the 2D animation land realizing their fate. Giselle then tells Morgan the magic is almost gone, and she needs to make a wish. While this is happening, her father and boyfriend are “gallantly” stopping the clock from striking midnight. Before Malvina can get the clock ticking again, she makes a wish and saves not only Andalasia but her family as well.

They wake up the next day, and Giselle explains to Morgan that everyone thinks what happened was only a dream. Monroeville is back and no longer seen through a fairy tale lens, and Andalasia is saved. And most importantly, when will Morgan embrace Giselle as her mother? She finally does, as Morgan finally calls Giselle “mom” for the first time in the kitchen that morning.

Disenchanted ending explained

Disenchanted flips its premise by placing Giselle in a fairy tale as an evil character instead of a good one. Most importantly, this gives Morgan a chance to play the Giselle role a bit from the first movie, being a wide-eyed girl who is being poorly treated in the new land. All this leads to the movie’s underlying theme of mothers and daughters. The film’s message, and what the movie is really about, is that you don’t have to be blood relatives to be family or become parents.

That subject is addressed in the film, as the magic wand is supposed to be only used by blood relatives of Giselle. However, Morgan can use it because she finally not just accepts but embraces Giselle as her mother.

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