Lesson Plan ending explained – who was the leader of the drug ring?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: November 23, 2022

We discuss the ending of the Netflix film Lesson Plan, which will contain spoilers. Who was the leader of the drug ring? Let’s find out.

Netflix has had a string of action films with compelling stories, and Lesson Plan, directed by Daniel Markowicz, is jam-packed. From the very beginning, he sets the tone of the story with a drug dealer who has gotten to high school students.

He has been planting these drugs in schools and these poor teenagers fall deep into addiction. After a teacher tragically dies, his friend, who happens to be a former cop, takes over his old job in hopes of catching the people responsible for his murder, as per the synopsis on IMDB.

The cop takes his old skills while he was working undercover and he applies that to teaching his friend’s students how to defend themselves, just in case they ever encountered these henchmen with the drugs. what was so interesting about this was the fact that the teens who weren’t on drugs were so keen on helping their classmates get out of the addiction.

The entire film handles addiction quite well and puts the focus on the education system. It shows that professors need to be knowledgeable about these subjects in high school, so they can be better prepared.

Netflix film Lesson Plan ending explained – who was the leader of the drug ring?

At the end of this film, it’s the meeting of the professors at an abandoned warehouse, as they try to find the drugs being sold in crates to the students. Here, they find crates upon crates of the drugs used to lure the teens and the group of drug dealers.

The professors now know who is running this business, and it’s a former professor who tried to make the school elite. Years and years after he tried to make it perfect for students to learn and grow, he finds that all they want is sex and drugs and that he’s in the wrong business.

The former cop needs to settle his demons as well with his past, so he goes head-to-head with the professor because he needs to prove that he could still do it. Here, the hand-to-hand combat was a bit better and kept you locked into the fight.

The cop navigates the warehouse with one of his students because they need to find one of the other teachers, which is also the cop’s love interest. His love interest is freed in front of the cop, but the professor still shoots at him.

The two of them were afraid that he was going to keep shooting, but one student who had devised the plan with the cop ended up dropping a lock crane filled with ceramic gnomes on top of the professor.

They show how everyone moves on from this particular incident now that the head drug dealer is dead. The cop and one of his students get closer and he has taken his place as a new professor at the school.

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