Who’s a Good Boy? ending explained – how does Chema lose his virginity?

November 23, 2022
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We discuss the ending of the Netflix film Who’s a Good Boy?, which will contain spoilers.

Mexican sex comedy Who’s a Good Boy? follows your standard rom-com structure, with the lead protagonist realizing the errors of his ways, becoming a better person in the process, and then ending up with the woman of his dreams. Chema (Sebastian Dante) wastes most of the film’s running time though chasing after (Sirena Ortiz), a beautiful bombshell from Acapulco, who is clearly out of his league. She uses and abuses him to get what she wants, but he can’t seem to let her go. Chema is blinded by this woman, and makes many missteps along the way, on his journey of self-discovery. Early on it is revealed that Chema is a virgin, and he endeavors to lose his virginity before graduation. It’s obvious that Chema will eventually lose his virginity, but how does he do so? Is it in a comical way?

Who’s a Good Boy? ending explained – how does Chema lose his virginity?

As we reach the final third of the movie, Chema is at his lowest point yet. The fabled Christmas party has gone terribly. He has upset his date, Eli, who realizes he is still in love with Claudia. She now understands that she was always his second choice and storms off heartbroken. Claudia laughs in Chema’s face when he says that he thought they had a chance as a couple. She has just been using Chema, keeping the teen as her lapdog to do whatever she wishes. Then Chema argues with his best friend Hugo. To make matters worse, on returning home, he upsets his Uncle with some hard truths.

Chema’s Uncle Jaime is obviously in love with Chema’s mother, Gloria. His father has been dead for some years now and Jaime has moved in, hoping to take his place. Chema points out the Uncle’s plan, adding that Jaime is actually his mother’s lapdog. It’s true, Jaime would do anything for Gloria, but the argument cuts deep and the Uncle leaves for good. Chema’s mother is surprisingly upset by this development and admits that you should always follow your heart, don’t live with regrets.

The foolish teen tries to patch things up with Eli, but she won’t accept his apology and rejects all Chema’s subsequent presents. Chema applies for University, placing engineering as his first option. He gets a job so that he can afford the graduation trip to Cancun, having spent all his savings on Claudia. Chema emails his Uncle, apologizing profusely and he then invites him to his graduation ceremony. It looks like Chema is trying to right all his wrongs, maturing in the process.

On the day of the graduation, Chema gifts Eli with a sentimental vinyl and his most treasured item, a precious poster from his father. Eli is astounded by the presents and thanks Chema. Entering the school grounds, Chema witnesses the other school lapdogs embarrassing themselves, following their master’s orders. He decides to make a stand, delivering a big speech in front of all the other students. Chema admits that he lost his friends and his dream girl all because he chased after the hot, popular girl – this manipulation needs to end now. All the students clap Chema and all is forgiven.

Claudia tries to get back with Chema, telling him that she has now broken up with Sebas, but Chema rejects Claudia and reunites with his friends instead. Uncle Jaime shows up at the ceremony, and they all graduate in style. Eli hugs Chema, but they don’t kiss. Chema then tells his family that he has chosen to study music instead of engineering at university. And the Uncle informs the family that he will be moving closer to them, deciding to put family first. It is unclear whether Jaime and Gloria end up together, although they appear close.

The film ends with the graduation trip and we follow Eli as she walks down the aisle on an airplane. She looks at all the students happily socializing together and then heads to the toilets in first class, where she meets with Chema. The two lovebirds start to make out in the claustrophobic toilet and then proceed to have sex. Suddenly, there’s frantic knocking coming from the other side and a man opens the door on the two lovers. They turn to see the famous singer Mario B, who is impressed with their rock and roll antics. Chema calls himself a dawg. He has now transformed from a pushover, a dog, to the more confident and outgoing dawg he always aspired to be.

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