A Christmas Mystery ending explained – who stole the town’s jingle bells?

November 24, 2022
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We discuss the ending of the HBO Max film A Christmas Mystery, which will contain spoilers.

The latest Christmas movie from HBO Max, A Christmas Mystery, hit the streaming platform. It told the story of the infamous jingle bells that ignited the drought of a city in shambles. For over a hundred years, the city had celebrated these bells and the story of Jimmy Stubbins. However, one day the bells were stolen from the museum causing the local sheriffs to start doing some investigating.

When watching A Christmas Mystery, you won’t be watching any groundbreaking filmmaking or out-of-this-world acting. Still, you will watch a cute little Christmas mystery with a fun performance from Violet McGraw. We have all been in Violet’s shoes when we are young kids who want to be a detective. McGraw really carries the film on her back on many levels, including comedically and emotionally.

A Christmas Mystery ending explained – who stole the town’s jingle bells?

After the bells went missing, the local sheriffs honed in on George Bottom, a security guard at the museum. Upon their arrival at George’s house, they found a box in which the bells are stored inside the garage. Because of this, the cops arrest George for stealing the balls. George claimed his innocence to his family, but his eldest son was upset as he had a history of theft.

George’s youngest son, Kenny, enlisted Violet to help him find out who really did it. As he didn’t believe his father was the one that took them. So Violet heads on a mission to ensure that George will be home with his family for Christmas. But, no matter how many different ways she tries, her investigation is halted. Sadly, once her father realizes what she is doing, he shuts her down for good.

But of course, like any kid, the moment she decides to throw in the towel, she spots something that gives her proof that George might be innocent after all. After finding a pair of shoes in Deputy Terry’s inside his bag, Violet has put him at the forefront of her investigation. However, after the most recent time her father shut her down, she and the family must place the investigation into their own hands. They start by searching Terry’s house, where they don’t find the bells but find a map that might help their case.

At the end of the movie, Violet and her crew finally put the pieces together to figure out that Terry is the man that took the bells. He took them and framed George because he fired him while he was at the school. On top of that, he wanted to be the one that found the bells so that his dad would be proud of him AND give him the job of being the town sheriff.

The kids come up with an elaborate plan to trap Deputy Terry. But, of course, the plan works because Terry didn’t realize the kids had as much information as they did on him. So not only did they catch Terry, but Violet was able to get George home for Christmas and return the bells to the museum.

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