7 movies like The Lost Lotteries you must watch

By Lori Meek
Published: November 28, 2022 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)

We discuss 7 movies like The Lost Lotteries you must watch. Check out these excellent recommendations. 

The Lost Lotteries is a Thai slapstick comedy about five strangers coming together to recover a winning lottery tray from a dangerous mafia boss. Written and directed by Prueksa Amaruji, the film premiered on Netflix and was warmly received by viewers and critics alike. Films with this particular brand of comedy are very popular in Thailand, but thanks to the magic of streaming platforms, it’s also gaining recognition in the western world. If you enjoyed the misadventures featured in The Lost Lotteries, here are a few more Thai titles you might want to check out. 

7 movies like The Lost Lotteries you must watch

The Bodyguard (2004)

This movie combines the action genre with comedy and the result is utterly entertaining. It follows a bodyguard as he tries to clear his name while getting revenge on the group of people who killed his boss. You can rent or purchase this film on Prime Video. 

Miss Happy (2015)

In this musical comedy, a young woman finds out she has a rare illness. Not to fear, there is a cure. An unusual one, to say the least. But still, a cure. All she has to do to beat her heart condition is to perform a specific dance the right way for a set amount of time. If only real life were that easy. Miss Happy is available to buy on Prime Video. 

Bikeman (2018)

Bikeman is another charming addition from director Prueksa Amaruji, who also wrote The Lost Lotteries. The film is about a motorbike taxi driver who pretends to actually be employed by a bank. Things do get a bit complicated for him when he runs into his old crush from school, who happens to be a real bank teller and dating the bank’s director. 

Oh My Ghost (2009)

Whoever said horror and comedy don’t mix, has never seen Oh My Ghost. In this flick, three roommates decide to summon a ghost to get rid of the ghost that was already haunting their home. Yet, now the three have two ghosts to deal with and struggle to contain either of them. This hilarious ghost story is streaming on Netflix. 

The Con-Heartist (2020)

Just like The Lost Lotteries, this highly-rated film also tells the story of a person seeking retribution after being wronged. In this case, a woman hires a con artist to get revenge on her financially irresponsible ex-boyfriend. 

Tootsies and The Fake (2019)

This is the first feature-length entry of a highly popular Thai TV franchise. The film follows the adventures of the beloved “tootsies” as they try to find the doppelganger of a famous celebrity they accidentally injured. 

Friends Never Die (2012)

Friends never die tells the story of true friendship among gang members. The film centers on the lessons a group of young men learn as they face increasingly difficult challenges. You can stream this feature on Netflix. 

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