Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area season 1, episode 10 recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 9, 2022
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Episode 10 proves pivotal as The Professor’s identity is exposed, and the return of Tokyo takes center stage. A brilliant production, as always.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area season 1, episode 10, which contains spoilers.

As we approach nearer to the end of part 2, many will be wondering if this remake will continue. It doesn’t feel necessary to rehash this story for further seasons, but it has certainly been thrilling.

Episode 10 shows the beginning of the end of the heist as major decisions need to be made. Let’s recap.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area season 1, episode 10 recap

Episode 10 opens up with Woojin being asked by her lawyer if her grandmother has any health concerns that would stop her from testifying in family court. As she’s on the phone, she has a small car accident. The person in the other car is The Professor. This is a flashback. This is how they met. The Professor asks her for coffee at his cafe.

When they reach the cafe, Woojin asks for alcohol as she needs a “drinking buddy.” All she wanted was to let her hair down after a stressful child custody case with her husband. What followed was a romance.

In the present day, she collapses on the street in front of The Professor’s cafe due to being overworked. The Professor sees her and runs to her aid.

Berlin continues putting pressure on the politicians; he promises to release some of the hostages and continues the narrative around corrupt politicians. Kim Sangman gets impatient and wants the robbers cut off from communicating with networks. His approval ratings continue to drop.

The Professor decides to change the plan; he believes things are changing too rapidly. He asks Tokyo to deliver the message; he states if she doesn’t tell them in time, the team will not survive.

Woojin wakes up in the hospital after passing out. Her daughter and mother are by her side. She remembers vaguely The Professor taking her to the hospital.

Berlin asks the hostages for their decision – to “stay and help and be compensated or leave.” Cho Youngmin speaks up and lays out the risks if they trust the robbers. Berlin proves they have the money and throws some on the floor. He states three billion won is enough cash to start a new life. In a flashback, the heist team talks about Stockholm Syndrome and making the hostages into accomplices.

In the vault, Yun Misun asks Denver what his real name is; he hesitates but eventually tells her. Yun Misun tells Denver that she doesn’t need the money, but she’ll stay for him. They kiss each other passionately.

And then, it is decided who will stay and who will leave. Anne surprisingly wants to stay, and so does Cho Youngmin. Denver announces that Yun Misun is also staying, and Moscow sees them holding hands. He pulls Denver to the side and asks what’s going on. Denver tells him that he’s in love with her. Moscow is dismayed by his son’s decision-making and does not believe that Yun Misun is not in it for the money because his mother stated the same thing. Afterward, Denver debates whether Yun Misun is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

Denver tells Yun Misun that she should leave as she’ll regret it. However, Yun Misun remains firm on her decision. Yun Misun is confused as to why he’s so angry, and when he gets nasty, she slaps him. She tells him she does not need the money. She walks away as it’s announced that the hostages are leaving.

After being discharged from the hospital, Woojin visits The Professor and tells him she’s off the case. She apologizes for hurting him and confesses her feelings were sincere. She leaves the cafe, and The Professor takes a sharp inhale of breath before running after her. When she turns around, he hugs her. His plan did not involve falling in love, but that’s exactly what happened. However, as Woojin drives away, she remembers what The Professor said to her — “my father had dementia too.” The word “too” is what sets off her suspicions. How could he know her mother has dementia…

Tokyo’s plan to return to the Mint arrives. Berlin prepares the hostages who want to leave to exit the front door. It coincides with Tokyo’s plan to get back inside. As the hostages leave, Tokyo rides a motorbike toward the Mint, and drones descend on the police to distract them. Denver heads outside to save Yun Misun from the chaos (she clearly didn’t want to leave). The doors at the front of the Mint close. Tokyo is back inside!

It’s revealed that amongst the chaos, Moscow was shot, but no one was aware. Moscow suffers alone in the bathrooms, bleeding out.

Ending Explained

A concerned Woojin goes to her mother’s house and asks her if she has seen The Professor before. She remembers trying to call Woojin after seeing the man outside her house, but she does not remember the context. Woojin’s questions put pressure on her mother, so she stops. It suddenly dawns on her that meeting The Professor was not a coincidence. She was part of the heist plan.

Captain Cha breaks his own hand to set himself free. The Professor and his team chase Captain Cha down the street, and eventually, he’s surrounded. Suddenly, he’s run over by a car by accident. As for Woojin, she learns that The Professor defected from North Korea and was declared dead. The episode ends with Tokyo telling the robbers that they need to escape.

Episode 10 proves pivotal as The Professor’s identity is exposed, and the return of Tokyo takes center stage. A brilliant production, as always.

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