Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area season 1, episode 12 recap and ending explained

December 9, 2022
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The final episode of the Korean remake of Money Heist is an eventful one. New audiences will be surprised. Old audiences will enjoy how they have rehashed the original story.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area season 1, episode 12, which contains spoilers and explains the ending to part 2.

And so, we are here. After waiting for a continuation for six months, we are met with an explosive conclusion to an impressively produced series. The ending to Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area brings plenty of emotional moments, coupled with expected action. Let’s recap the finale.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area season 1, episode 12 recap

The finale opens with a flashback; The Professor’s father tells him he’s off out to make more money as they need his brother back. Later that evening, The Professor’s father is shot dead in an armed robbery. The Professor is asleep, but his father’s plans are next to him, and they blow onto the floor from the wind.

And then it moves to the present; The Professor looks at his gun, with the series trying to get the audience to ponder whether he shot Woojin (he didn’t).

In the Mint, they’ve made a breakthrough in the tunnel, and they see The Professor on the other side. There’s glee and celebration. They are nearly at the end of their journey. Denver introduces The Professor to Yun Misun, who names herself “Stockholm.” The Professor is shown all the printed cash in the Mint. It’s impressive work, and he’s emotional about it. But, the finale offers another spanner; Captain Cha wakes up in the hospital. Meanwhile, Woojin has been handcuffed to a pipe by The Professor.

The politicians grow impatient, and they are worried about their money after signing the economic unification agreement at the Summit. Sangman sends in the police with the army to take the heist team down — the only objective is to kill them all. Tokyo and Rio have to fight them off first. Tokyo valiantly fights back with a machine gun, but she’s eventually shot. But, eventually, other robbers arrive to help out with the fight. It’s absolute chaos and great production.

Rio helps a wounded Tokyo who regains consciousness. Denver fights Park Chulwoo. Yun Misun ends up shooting Chulwoo to help out Denver, and then Denver knocks him out cold. Meanwhile, outside the Summit, the protests against the politicians are growing; public dissatisfaction over economic unification is high.

The heist team manages to get away. Park Chulwoo regains consciousness and tells his team that they have gone underground. They find a tunnel, and inside are hostages. The tunnel is blocked. It was a decoy. The heist team is heading down the real escape tunnel.

Most of the team makes it to the boats on the other side of the tunnel. Meanwhile, Woojin rings his colleague and tells them the location of the robbers. Captain Cha confirms that her suspicions are correct.

Woojin makes it down the tunnel herself. Meanwhile, the bomb to block the tunnel is not working, leaving Berlin, Nairobi, and Helsinki in a sticky place. Berlin tells them to go while he holds off the police. Nairobi tries to get him to go with them, but he stays behind.

The hostages are freed from the Mint. Berlin calls The Professor to say goodbye. The Professor tells Berlin that the plan hasn’t worked and the escape route is blocked. However, Berlin scoffs at that idea and tells The Professor not to give up. It’s an emotional moment between the brothers. However, he is saved by the woman he helped at the concentration camp. She vows to stay with him and defend the tunnels. She shoots at the bomb inside the tunnel. The Professor drops to his knees and sobs in anguish, fearing the worst.

The Professor rings Kim Sangman — he offers to give himself up to let the other robbers live. Tokyo takes the phone off him and throws it in the water. The Professor tells her he doesn’t want to lose anyone else. Tokyo tells him to get up so they can go. but then, The Professor sees something on the map made by his father.

The Professor tells the team that their hideout has been found but that there’s another way to escape. Meanwhile, Woojin is found by the police, but she’s arrested; Kim Sangman accuses her of colluding with the robbers. Woojin faces Sangman, and she tells him he’s afraid of the robbers exposing them for what they are.

The police radio learns that there are bombs planted around Peace Square where the protestors are. However, Woojin does not believe the robbers will set them off because their principle is not to kill. Sangman tells his colleagues to take Woojin away. Sangman is willing to risk multiple deaths to stop the heist. Captain Cha is dismayed at what Sangman’s plans are and meets Woojin outside. Woojin reaffirms her belief that the bombs will not go off.

Explosives do go off, but they are not deadly. Instead, inflated red pigs come from the ground and float over the city. The pigs explode, and money disperses over the civilians. The Professor stuck to his word; he gave the money back to the people.

The heist team reaches the other side of the tunnel with bags of money. Their team is ready to pick them up. Woojin tells Cha her suspicions of where the heist team is heading. She believes they will be riding the trains that connect the Joint Economic Area. Cha distracts the police, and Woojin drives toward the suspected location.

Part 2 ending explained

In a shocking moment, Berlin rings The Professor; he managed to get out via the sewage systems while the crowds were distracted by money falling from the sky. The Professor and the team are relieved. However, despite the good news, Tokyo can tell that The Professor has Woojin on his mind. He’s not sure if she will turn up or not before they leave. He’s a hopeless romantic.

And before he hops on, Woojin turns up and tells The Professor to stop the train. The train starts to move. The Professor tells her that she can kill him but not arrest him. He tells her to choose. The Professor jumps on the train, and suddenly Woojin is stuck. She stays behind. The robbers start their new lives; what they did reaches news outlets worldwide — the politicians behind the economic unification are accused of using the JEA to fund conglomerate companies. The Professor’s plan to expose them worked.

A year later, Woojin is still being interrogated; she’s accused of being involved in the heist. She is then contacted by a foreign law firm that wants to talk to her. She’s confused by who it could be. When she heads home, she finds an old postcard.

Woojin visits the location that the postcard shows. It’s a picturesque place. She bumps into The Professor, and they are happy to see each other. The Professor tells her he has a wonderful plan. The finale closes.

The final episode of the Korean remake of Money Heist is an eventful one. New audiences will be surprised. Old audiences will enjoy how they have rehashed the original story.

What did you think of Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area season 1, episode 12, and the ending to part 2? Comment below.

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