Mythic Quest season 3, episode 6 recap – how does David ruin Christmas?

December 9, 2022 (Last updated: December 29, 2022)
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It’s a real Christmas treat from Mythic Quest. “The 12 Hours of Christmas” is festive and fun, with plenty of running gags to chuckle at and moments of kindness to warm your hearts this winter. Christmas has come early over at Apple this year.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Mythic Quest season 3, episode 6, “The 12 Hours of Christmas,” which contains spoilers.

We have now officially entered that sacred period of the television calendar where shows release their Christmas special. Mythic Quests Christmas-centric installment, titled “The 12 Hours of Christmas”, focuses on the employees’ outrage at working over the holiday season, as David (David Hornsby) and Jo (Jessie Ennis) try to rally the troops even without a Christmas bonus in the pipeline. Ian (Rob McElhenney) and Poppy (Charlotte Nicdao) crash this dire party to provide some much-needed festive joy. As you’d expect, this rivalry sparks more hilarity.

Mythic Quest season 3, episode 6 recap

The episode opens with Christmas music and a quick pan of the decorated office. David screams merry Christmas to his employees, who appear to be working on Christmas Eve. They have an animated visual on the wall explaining which time zone is now experiencing Christmas Day and New Zealand is the first destination. The workers need to make sure that the servers don’t crash during the most important gaming day of the year, although this sacrifice means they miss their families dearly. David and Jo are annoyingly optimistic, attempting to keep up the employees’ waning spirit.

Enter Ian Grimm and Poppy to help liven up this awful excuse for a party. David doesn’t want his competitor in the building though and he confronts Ian almost instantly. Ian says that he’s doing this for Poppy, who is lonely over the holiday season. He offers to pay David to let them both stay, something that the Scrooge-like boss is happy to join in with. David admits that he is struggling to keep morale high and Ian suggests everybody get drunk, which is what he used to do. David refuses to take Ian’s advice but allows his enemies to stick around.

Poppy is sad just like Ian stated, and she’s clearly eating her feelings. Although, ironically she thinks that Ian is the one that needs cheering up and she believes that she’s here just for him, not vice versa. Jo tries to cheer her up, presenting her ‘friend’ with a touching Christmas present. It’s a necklace containing a piece of metal from the car that she crushed on their bonding date. Poppy is embarrassed by this exchange and admits that she has no present for Jo. Saddened by the news, Jo storms off.

Rachel shows off her new office and job role to girlfriend Dana. Rachel is now Head of Monetization and is introducing her first-ever game feature later that day. It is a Red Nose Reindeer package that gives players night vision for 24 hours. Rachel is nervous but excited about the launch. Brad appears, also surprisingly chirpy. He loves the capitalism of Christmas and wants the feature to be a limited offer. Rachel disagrees with Brad’s approach though, and after a pep talk from Dana, decides to make the feature available to everyone for a lower price. This works wonders and they soon reach half a million in profits.

Back at the party, Poppy and Ian agree that things need livening up. David then makes an announcement, there will be no Christmas bonuses, but a mandatory Christmas carol sing-along, which is going to be filmed and posted on their website. This guy really knows how to ruin Christmas. Ian worries his money has been wasted on a karaoke machine and confesses to Poppy that he paid David to allow them to stay. Poppy admits that she did likewise. They are at first annoyed by this predicament, but then agree that they tried to help one another out. Now they must help their old employees instead and save Christmas.

David and Jo dress up in Victorian costumes, ready for the video. Jo confides in David about Poppy (and then Rachel) not getting her a present. She worries that she has no friends. David retorts that Jo should forgive and forget, it’s Christmas after all. They exit their office to find an empty room, everyone has gone to GrimPop for a legendary party. On their arrival, they are shocked to find employees dancing and gaming, everyone is having fun.

Employees play Poppy’s Playpen and she raffles off her Porsche that has never been driven. David marches over to the DJ booth and confronts his rivals. Ian says that the employees need to let off some steam and have fun. David is furious and announces that Christmas is canceled, and everyone must return to work immediately. He even says Bah Humbug!

Mythic Quest season 3, episode 6 ending

The dejected employees return to the office, where they are ordered to take down all the Christmas decorations. On top of this, Rachel broadcasts profits of over a million dollars to anger Brad, which the workers accidentally overhear. Ian and Poppy feel guilty for causing this travesty and go to apologize to David, but he’s locked himself away in his office, where he cuddles a bottle of whisky until the next day.

Things look grim, yet there is Christmas joy still to be had. David and Jo exit their office on Christmas morning to find the place completely altered. There is a ginormous Christmas tree in the center of the room and everything is coated in snow and decorations. It’s a heart-warming scene for sure, as Rachel announces the news that everyone has chipped in after receiving their generous Christmas bonuses. Looks like Rachel used the profits for good after all.

Poppy and Rachel are on hand to cheer up Jo as well. They have made her a video game of her own, called Brunch Crushers, which Jo is amazed by. She suggests brunching every week and that the trio should go on a vacation together. David rejoices that this is the best Christmas ever and then it starts to snow. The whole company sings together, although they begin to choke on the artificial snow. What a Christmas treat!

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