The Binge 2: It’s A Wonderful Binge review – a raunchy comedy delivers the laughs

December 9, 2022
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We review the Hulu film The Binge 2: It’s A Wonderful Binge, which does not contain spoilers.

We have the sequel to the 2020 hilarious comedy The Binge streaming on Hulu titled The Binge 2: It’s A Wonderful Binge. Can director Jordan VanDina capture the magic a second time? Let’s dive in.

We learned in the first movie that partaking in drugs and alcohol was banned forever. However, “The Binge” was created to allow everyone to partake in drugs and alcohol for one day only. At the beginning of It’s A Wonderful Binge, we learn that they moved the date to Christmas Eve so everyone could tolerate being around their family.

The film starts with a birthday party in a Chuck E Cheese-like atmosphere with a couple of kids dressed up as giant mice. Hags and Andrew (from the first) are dancing in the outfits, and one of the gloves falls off Hags’s hand, causing the little girl to call out that they are fake! So they start to beat down the mouse. However, they don’t realize who they are dealing with as they turn the tables on the kids and start beating them up (literally). Then, of course, the duo gets fired for their actions. Andrew is excited because “The Binge” is set to happen tonight, but Hags says he isn’t partaking because he is proposing to his girl.

Throughout the film, Hags struggles to ask Sarah’s father to propose to his daughter. Andrew has problems at home because his family is dysfunctional, and he gets blamed for everything. Finally, the mass chaos of everyone’s night ends with everyone jumping head-first into the purge. So we see Kimmi and Sarah pop a few drugs to relax. Then, Andrew gets high with an Angel and sees the future. Next, Hags tries to get the ring back he lost to propose to Sarah. It’s the perfect little stakes for each character.

One of my biggest bones to pick with the film was Nick Swardson. I am sorry, but his schtick is old. I get why he would be ideal for this film because of the raunchy nature, which is up his alley, but he isn’t funny. He is over the top and not in a good way. However, the best part of this movie was Danny Trejo, who played a high Angel. I can’t tell you how funny seeing him in this role was. Furthermore, the chemistry with Eduardo Franco makes me want to see these two start in a film together.

What would Diesel do? 

One of the things that stood out that made the first one so funny was the dance numbers, songs, and witty one-liners (bonus points for the quoting of Fast Five) that Jordan VanDina wrote. VanDina isn’t afraid to take risks with his writing, which pays off more times than it doesn’t. In a world of safe comedies, we need more writers like VanDina. He keeps us on our toes with fun R-rated, raunchy comedies.

Overall, It’s a Wonderful Binge might miss Vince Vaughn’s spunk compared to the original, but the movie still is quite hilarious. Come for the raunchy comedy, but stay for Danny Trejo. If you like R-rated, no-nonsense fun, don’t miss this one.

What did you think of the Hulu film The Binge 2: It’s A Wonderful Binge? Comment below.

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