Kangaroo Valley Review – An Eye-Opening Wildlife Documentary

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: December 14, 2022 (Last updated: last month)
Kangaroo Valley from Netflix - Review
Kangaroo Valley (Credit - Netflix)


It’s a surprising coming-of-age documentary with a focus on kangaroos that will give you a new appreciation for animals.

Kangaroo Valley is a nature documentary that has been released on Netflix. It’s a rather eye-opening wildlife doc that focuses on the beloved kangaroos in Australia. It is directed by Kylie Stott and is narrated by Sarah Snook. If you have always wanted to travel to Australia and be one with the wildlife, this is definitely something to check out. Not only does it explore kangaroos, but it also highlights other animals like wombats and dingos.

There are different perspectives in this doc because of the focus on kangaroos. We see certain things through the eyes of the kangaroos and how they adapt to their surroundings in the wild at such a young age. It’s a lovely journey to go on with the young kangaroo named Mala because she becomes aware of her environment. The sweeping shots of the valley are stunning, and they did get up close to the different animals.

It almost feels like you are in their personal space as they go about their daily life. Apart from this being so incredibly gorgeous to look at, the doc is crafted as a coming-of-age story for Mala, which sets it apart from the rest of these wildlife documentaries.

Many animals call this valley home, and it’s a fun adventure to see young Mala go through different stages. They do show a mother’s love as the maternal instincts kick in with the Joey. Mala is able to explore with other animals and go through different climates as well, which affects her decisions. It’s interesting to watch as the focus is on such a young animal and it feels like we are watching her grow up right in front of our eyes.

She learns to hunt, protect herself, and just goof around in the wild. These are all things any young child would normally do even if they were humans. Even though we are clearly divided into separate groupings in the animal kingdom, there is a common thread that connects all of us to animals as well. We may not speak their language, but it’s almost as if we all grow up in a similar way.

It’s odd to think about it in that way, but after watching this doc, it has become clear that we are more connected to these animals than we think. And that they must be protected at all costs. There is a way to live in perfect harmony with all of them, and it’s important to know that we all walk the same path into adulthood with different surroundings. Kangaroo Valley is eye-opening because of the focus on kangaroos, but also how truly connected humans can be to an animal’s journey as well.


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