Private Lesson ending explained – who was using nudes to blackmail Azra’s student?

By Lori Meek
Published: December 16, 2022

We discuss the ending of the Netflix film Private Lesson which will contain spoilers.

Private Lesson is a charming romantic comedy by Turkish director Kivanç Baruönü

The premise, according to my review: 

Private Lesson starts by introducing our lead, Azra (Soral), who makes a living out of tutoring teen girls. It’s quite unclear what she actually teaches these young high school students, but she does a good job at pretending to tutor them in whatever their parents want them to do while helping the students achieve their true life purposes behind their parent’s backs. Some pursue the arts, while others are looking for help finding a boyfriend. Hande (Kandemir) is in the latter category. After overhearing a classmate declare how Azra’s lessons changed her life, the teen seeks out the “teacher” and forces her hand into accepting her as a pupil. While she’s quite outgoing and talkative, Hande’s been living with her aunt (who happens to be the school chancellor) and doesn’t have the confidence to pursue her crush, Utku (Rami Narin). 

Apprehensive at first, Azra eventually agrees to tutor Hande and before long, the young teen is partying with the cool kids, buying fashionable clothes and downing tequila shots. The film’s second plot point revolves around the growing romance between Azra and her new neighbor, Burak (Sar?). Like in any self-respecting romantic comedy, the pair can’t stand each other at first, but soon start growing closer. Burak’s ability to magically save the day every time Azra’s in trouble does help their relationship. 

Private Lesson ending explained

By the time we’ve reached the third act, everything seems to be going great for our protagonist. Her newest pupil’s relationship with her crush is blossoming, and Azra herself just agreed to go on a proper date with Burak. But things take a turn when Azra goes to a student’s home to try and convince the girl’s parents to let her go on a school trip. But when she walks in, it turns out that her student was actually Burak’s little sister, and he’s appalled to learn his love interest makes a living out of lying to parents so the youngsters can go out and do God-knows-what. Poor Azra tries to explain what she does, but Burak’s having none of it. 

To make matters worse, Azra gets a panicked call from another one of her students. The poor girl is being blackmailed by a boy she sent nudes to. Luckily, the teacher has a hacker friend, and they’re able to access the blackmailer’s security camera. Upon looking at his home, it turns out that the guy blackmailing young girls with naked photos is none other than Hande’s crush, Utku. To make matters worse, the girls can see that Utku invited Hande to his home and it appears he’s set hidden cameras everywhere in hopes of making a sex tape. 

Meanwhile, Burak learned from the apartment building’s resident gossip that Azra was, in fact, helping his little sister pursue dancing. Feeling bad, he arranges a grand gesture of an apology involving a PowerPoint and him wearing a donkey mask as a symbol of his apology for being “an ass.” While moved by his gesture, Azra can’t stay and chat with her love interest because she has to run to Utku’s home and rescue Hande’s life from turning into a sex tape scandal. 

Back at the house, Hande locked herself in the bathroom after having discovered the cameras. When Azra arrives, she gives the boy a stern talking to, but he seems unfazed. That’s until Burak shows up out of nowhere and punches him in the face, giving Azra time to save a crying Hande from the bathroom. 

As the credits start rolling, we find out that Hande is finally pursuing her true passion: stand-up comedy. After a successful first show, she thanks Azra and Burak, who now are officially a couple, for all their help. 

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