Beast of Bangalore: Indian Predator review – a hollow true crimes series about sexual assault

December 17, 2022
Amanda Guarragi 2
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It is a hollow documentary on sexual assault that places men at the forefront and explores how this situation affects them. It beats around the bush and never really dives into the real issues.

We review the Netflix true-crime series Beast of Bangalore: Indian Predator, which was released on December 17th, 2022. 

When it comes to documentary series about sexual assault, the subject matter is always difficult to digest. As a woman, it’s even harder to sit through because unfortunately, many women have suffered the same situations in different forms. There’s a certain feeling that washes over women when watching documentaries or films that highlight sexual abuse and it’s hard to explain. It’s almost like remaining frozen, but still watching the events unfold. Each woman has their own story and that is what is explored in this three-episode documentary series.

Beast of Bangalore: Indian Predator review and plot summary

Beast of Bangalore: Indian Predator is a Netflix docuseries about a dangerous predator on the streets of Bangalore, who lurks in the shadows and leaves women feeling unsafe. This one man, Umesh Reddy, changed the landscape of the entire city. Women didn’t feel safe, and men didn’t know how to approach the situation. It also comes down to the judicial system and how it was handled poorly. When this happened in Bangalore, it seemed like men finally opened their eyes to see women as more than their wives.

In all honesty, I found the lack of female voices in this documentary to be surprising, considering it’s their stories being told. Men took full control of this narrative and it felt a bit misogynistic. I couldn’t understand why men were so appalled by this situation, but also did the bare minimum to solve the issue. To put men front and center in a documentary series that strictly addresses female issues and stories is counterproductive.

It was never about the survivors or the victims of the man who abused them, but how this situation affected the men in the city. It’s a confusing documentary because the reenactments are also being told through a male lens and not a woman’s. This angle is a bit concerning and does not really appeal to a female audience who wants to understand what happened in Bangalore. If you’re a man, it may affect you differently.

Is Beast of Bangalore: Indian Predator worth watching?

It’s worth watching because it is a true story and any stories that deal with sexual assault need to be heard. For the one story that comes out, ten more are still hidden away, and survivors need to feel safe within their community in order to share their stories. However, it’s not something I would recommend watching because it does not focus on what’s important. The angle of this documentary is odd and it doesn’t feel genuine.

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2 thoughts on “Beast of Bangalore: Indian Predator review – a hollow true crimes series about sexual assault

  • December 19, 2022 at 6:05 am

    Netflix is constantly showing India and the abusive conditions women live under these mysognistic society. These men have no respect for these women of their culture. The police appear to be the worst departments I ever seen. The height of the caste systems, married women suicide over dowry’s. Something really needs to be done over there.

  • December 25, 2022 at 8:21 am

    The show is great, no doubt about it. But i would like to say about the reviewer here named Amanda Guragi. Without knowing Indian scenarios, they should not judge the show because the show is an accurate depiction of what happened. So, situation of the country is not good but thats why the show is great as it depicts the pathetic situations correctly. So these reviewers should stop misguiding people by their biased reviews when they dont know the whole background of the show. Moreover i seriously doubt whether she had watched the show properly with an open mind or has just made up her mind of the show having some propaganda beforehand.
    When the activist in the documentary clearly explains why women dont come forward to speak then without understanding that, the reviewer just has her own biases spread in the world. thats such a disservice she is doing to this show and also to Indian society.

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