Shemar Morrow – where is he now?

By Kieran Burt
Published: December 22, 2022 (Last updated: December 17, 2023)
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Shemar Morrow – Where is he now? This article discusses the basketball player Shemar Morrow and what team he plays for since the Netflix show Last Chance U: Basketball. 

Last Chance U: Basketball is a spinoff of the documentary basketball Last Chance U and focuses on the junior basketball team of East Los Angeles College (ELAC). The first season of the series attracted favorable reviews.

The second season of released on December 13 and follows a brand new team at the ELAC after their championship run abruptly came to an end after COVID-19. Many of the new players have dreams of transferring to the NCAA Division I or II schools, some even want to join the NBA. Like the first season, it’s attracted positive opinions.

One of the standouts from the season is Shemar Morrow, one of the new players in the show. After the events of season two, fans have been wondering where Morrow is now and who he plays for.

Who is Shemar Morrow?

Shemar Morrow is a basketball player for the ELAC team. He grew up in East Cleveland, Ohio, and started to play basketball when he was aged 12. Shemar’s mother, Sharay Morrow, allowed one of Shemar’s friend’s dads to adopt him so he could continue to play basketball.

Morrow and his adopted family would move to Sacramento, California. Shemar would become a student at La Mirada High School but later join Shadow Mountain High school from Phoenix, Arizona. There, Morrow would develop his basketball skills and attract some fame.

One of the moments that Morrow looks back fondly on and remembers as one of his major achievements is participating in the 2016 USA Basketball Men’s Junior National Team October minicamp.

He joined the 2020 class to obtain his high school diploma but was unable to complete it. When asked about it, the basketball star explained it was because his grades weren’t sufficient. But he has still done well in basketball despite this.

What season of Last Chance U: Basketball did Shemar Morrow appear in?

Morrow appears in season two of Last Chance U: Basketball, where he joins the ELAC and is coached by John Mosley, who helps to guide Morrow to improve his skills as a basketball player.

Where is Shemar Morrow now?

Currently, Morrow still plays for the ELAC, the team he was playing with in Last Chance U: Basketball. He is one of the major players in the 2022-2023 season, so fans can expect to see him get a lot of playtime on the court.

He’s reported to be eligible for the 2024 NBA draft, which is an annual event that lets NBA teams pick the best players to join their teams. This will, hopefully, help Morrow score a breakout role and make it big.

Outside of basketball, Morrow appears to be working on his GED (General Educational Development), a qualification equivalent to a high school diploma, to improve his future prospects.

Who does Shemar Morrow play for?

Morrow plays for the East Los Angeles College Huskies basketball team, where he is in the position of guard. There are two types of guards in the NBA, the point guard, which runs the offense and tends to be the best dribbler and passer, and the shooting guard, which is usually the team’s best shooter.

The Huskies have played 11 games so far in the 2022-2023 season, winning nine and losing two. These defeats came at the hands of West Los Angeles College and Fullerton College on November 13 and December 2, respectively. But they did win all three games in the Riverside City Tournament, which likely made Shemar and the team happy.

How tall is Shemar Morrow?

While there is no height requirement to play basketball, how tall a player is can affect the position they play and their scoring chances. Morrow is six feet and six inches tall, or 1.98 meters.

In the 2021-2022 NBA season, the average height of players was six feet and six inches, exactly the same height as Morrow. But if height distribution is taken into account, then most players of the 2021-2022 NBA season are six feet five inches tall and account for 13.7% of all minutes played. This means Morrow will be in the taller part of the players.

Morrow doesn’t play for the NBA yet, but this gives an idea about how tall he is compared to other players.

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