Tulsa King season 1, episode 7 recap – why did Chickie kill his father?

By Marc Miller
Published: December 25, 2022 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Tulsa King kicks things into high gear with two major plot development and terrific supporting turns by Domenick Lombardozi and Andrea Savage.

We recap the Paramount+ series Tulsa King season 1, episode 7, “Warr Acres,” which contains spoilers.

This time Dwight (Sylvester Stallone) seems to have a plan after going in hot-headed, ham-fisted, and guns blazing. The General and Mitch (Garrett Hedlund) have decided to bury Groom’s body and keep his vest. They send it to Waltrip (Ritchie Coster). However, Manfredi fails to wrap a fish in it to say Groom now sleeps with the fish. If anything, he should have it around some worms because they buried him in the backwoods of Oklahoma. When Waltrip opens the box, it has Groom’s vest, and they know what that means. His girlfriend, Roxy (Emily Davis), stops what she is doing and cries.

Tulsa King season 1, episode 7 recap

Later, Roxy calls our favorite ATF agent, Stacy, and tells her what happened. She is scared and wants out, but Stacy reminds her they need something because Roxy is still an informant for the ATF. Roxy mentions Waltrip uses a computer to track large numbers. We can assume this is The Black McAdams profits. That could be like finding Al Capone’s accountant. Stacy asks her to get it, but you know how that is going to go. Waltrip catches her in his office and strangles her to death. When Stacy calls to check up on her later, Waltrip picks up the phone and cryptically gives her the unwelcome news. You can almost see something crack while sitting there in her favorite diner.

Meanwhile, Dwight welcomes what Lefty would say to Donnie Brasco, a “friend of ours,” to Tulsa. Chickie’s associate, Goodie Carangi (Chris Caldovino), comes to meet Dwight and gets the shock of his life. Not only Tyson and Armand meet him. As far as anyone in New York is concerned, they thought he was dead or in witness protection. Dwight meets with Goodie, who questions if Chickie had anything to do with the beating of his son-in-law. Goodie swears he had nothing to do with it, nor Nico’s sexual assaults against his daughter.

We believe him, and more importantly, so does Dwight. Goodie calls Chickie later and reports back. The heir to the throne plays dumb about the assault on Tina’s husband in front of his father, Peter. Goodie also noticed the ring on Tyson’s finger. Dwight gave it to him after he found out Pete was responsible for putting him in prison. The meeting with Goodie goes well. Though, it appears to be part of a front to ease tensions between Dwight and the family. However, when Goodie calls the family for updates, Pete is livid that he gave a ring away and takes it out on his son Chickie.

Meanwhile, Dwight is getting plenty of action around town. Now, how can we blame Margaret for asking a man in an expertly tailored Italian suit while gently brushing a beautiful white horse that could have stepped out of the TriStar log? She asks Dwight out, and they go out to dinner. They are having a wonderful time until Dwight makes it awkward that he went away to prison for murder. Manfredi recovers, though, and honestly, it’s a refreshing scene because Stallone displays some comedic charm that generates some actual chemistry between the two.

A big development is Bodhi, who hid a computer key/chip in the frame of a cupboard door and logged into a highly secure website. What is going on? Dwight shows up a few scenes later, and Bodhi asks him why the cash in his safe wasn’t in the duffle bags he was given back in the last episode. Dwight kept the money because he wanted to invest it and create a casino in the back of Mitch’s bar. Bodhi gets overconfident and unveils to Dwight that he is also a criminal. He shows him his computer screen, where Bodhi has millions of dollars in an account because he steals crypto from people. Yes, Dwight is not the only criminal in town.

Ending Explained

In a shocking development, Chickie Oedipus did everything but sleep with his mother. He killed his father in a rage while helping with his bath in the tub. Why did Chickie kill his father? The son of the mafia king never wanted this life. He wanted to be a soldier. Chickie felt he made a sacrifice to the heir to the throne, but Pete never appreciated it and could not get over his father telling him he’ll never be the man Dwight was.

So, he shoved his head under that tepid water and stopped struggling soon. The official story is Pete died of a heart attack, but we know the truth. It’s now a new day and a new family. Chickie tosses aside his ridiculous toupee, heads down the stairs during an informal wake, and tells Vince to get the family back on their feet.

The show ends with Goodie telling Dwight Pete passed away. Dwight tells him he won’t be there for the funeral.

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