7 Women and a Murder ending explained – who killed Marcello?

December 28, 2022
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We discuss the ending of the Netflix film 7 Women and a Murder which will contain spoilers. Who killed Marcello? Let’s find out.
7 Women and a Murder is a Whodunit from Italy written and directed by Alessandro Genovesi. The film is set in an old manor house in the 1950s where a beloved patriarch perishes on Christmas Eve, forcing the women in his life to try and solve the mystery of his murder. What complicates things is that the women soon discover they have no way of leaving the mansion or calling the police, meaning they’re probably stuck inside with a potential killer.
As the night progresses, each woman’s secret comes out to the surface. Rachele (Ornella Vanoni), the old mother-in-law, believed the dearly departed to be bankrupt as he had been insistently asking her for her stock savings. The meek spinster, Agostina (Sabrina Impacciatore), has had a crush on her brother-in-law for decades, yet he never paid her any attention. He did, however, pay a lot of attention to the family’s new maid, Maria (Luisa Ranieri), with whom he’s been having a secret affair.
Marcello’s former girlfriend, Veronica (Micaela Ramazzotti), was asking him for money so she could move back to France, while his not-so-grieving widow, Margherita (Margherita Buy), was leaving him for a new lover. It’s also revealed that Susanna (Diana Del Bufalo) was not only pregnant out of wedlock, but she was not Marcello’s biological daughter. When Margherita and Marcello first started dating, she was already pregnant from her first boyfriend, who happened to die in a car crash at the most inconvenient of times.

7 Women and a Murder ending explained – Who killed Marcello?

Yet, the last piece of the puzzle was held by Marcello’s youngest daughter, Caterina, who knew exactly what had happened to her father, Marcello. To put it mildly, the old man was fed up with all the women in his life constantly pestering him, especially as he was considering changing his will. So he and Caterina decided to add some fun to the family’s Christmas celebrations.
The two devised a plan to fake his death, cut the phone lines, and lock everyone inside the mansion so he can find out once and for all how the seven women in his life really feel about him. Infuriated with the reveal, the other women head to Marcello’s room, ready to confront him for pulling such a cruel prank, on Christmas Eve, no less. But before they could get their hands on Marcello, he managed to jump out the balcony window and meet his demise – For real this time.
The film ends with the seven women explaining Marcello’s reasons for taking his own life to a handsome police inspector who can’t get out of there soon enough due to poor Agostina’s cringe-worthy seduction attempts. After the police leave with Marcello’s body, the women decide to continue living together as one big happy family.
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