10 Anime Shows like Lupin Zero you must watch

By Nubia Brice
Published: December 30, 2022 (Last updated: March 12, 2024)
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This article discusses 10 Anime Shows like Lupin Zero you must watch. Check out these brilliant anime recommendations.

As one of the oldest mangas and animes, Lupin the Third has commanded the respect of anime fans for decades. The titular character has spawned a ton of movies, sequels, spin-offs, and more. There are hours of content covering the thief’s antics, but have you ever wondered how he got that way? Lupin Zero gives viewers a look at something they’ve never seen before: Lupin’s childhood.

Fans of prequels will love seeing Lupin form the relationships and skills he’s known for in the series while still pulling off some crazy heists. If you like Lupin Zero, here are 10 more anime series worth checking out!

10 Anime Shows like Lupin Zero you must watch

Spy x Family (2022)

Being a thief and a spy isn’t exactly the same, but like Lupin, Loid Forger of Spy x Family is a master of his craft. If you love seeing Lupin weasel his way out of a sticky situation, you’ll enjoy watching Loid and his family do the same as they uphold their secret missions. Both are fun adventures filled with hilarious antics. Anya and Lupin are both school-age, bringing in that familiar setting and using it to tie together parts of the series.

Detective Conan (1996)

It’s hard to think about Lupin the III without thinking about Detective Conan. Both are fantastic crime animes that have been running for a long time and come highly recommended by plenty of fans. Detective Conan is also known for cunning, but he uses his wits to solve crimes, not commit them. However, Detective Conan is also a teenager trapped in a child’s body, making this anime even wilder! The mysteries and crimes are always incredibly elaborate with great twists. If you really end up enjoying this series, Lupin the III and Detective Conan even have several crossovers for the ultimate anime showdown.

Cowboy Bebop (1998)

Cowboy Bebop is a futuristic series about a bounty hunter named Spike and his adventures with his crew on their ship, the Bebop. If Lupin and Jigen are your favorite part of Lupin Zero, you’ll love Spike Spiegel. Although much older, he’s very cunning and charismatic, but with an edgier side to him. Spike is also a former criminal in his own right, who finds himself on the run or trying to get out of trouble often. There are plenty of gangs, guns, and actions to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, but no one is as good with their gun as Jigen.

Super Crooks (2021)

Like Lupin Zero, this anime is about thieves, but with a twist: everyone involved has superpowers. When Johnny Bolt wants to put on one last major heist, he only recruits the best, and the best just happens to be retired supervillains. Johnny and Lupin are both kind of forced into crime at a young age, but the super-powered twist in this series makes it incredibly unique and exciting.

Great Pretender (2021)

Makoto Edamura is a petty criminal. He makes a living scamming others, but after attempting to swindle the wrong person, he finds out he’s been tricked by someone even more clever than himself. While Lupin Zero is all about seeing how Lupin got his start, Great Pretender follows Makoto as he begins running with a new squad, so there’s a bit of a learning curve for him too. He can sometimes feel a little more naive than Lupin but is skilled in his own right.

Fate/Zero (2011)

Lupin Zero follows a young Lupin to show viewers how he became an infamous thief. Fate/Zero is a prequel to Fate/Stay Night and the Fate franchise. It shows an entirely different Holy Grail War but with a familiar character or two involved. Everyone likes a good prequel because sometimes the journey is even more fun than the destination, and Fate/Zero is often hailed as one of the best anime prequels there is.

Lupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine (2012)

Although this is already one of several spin-offs in the Lupin franchise, this is one special. This 12-episode series follows Fujiko, the Lupin franchise’s main heroine, and Lupin’s love interest before she met Lupin and the gang. If you like the idea of a Lupin prequel and are enjoying Lupin Zero, this is another good one. Although considered more mature than most of the rest of the franchise, it’s still cool to see things from another member’s point of view. Fujiko has always been an appealing character in her own right, making this series easy to binge.

ID: Invaded (2020)

This anime is set in a future that is clearly most advanced than Lupin’s. However, for fans who like getting inside the minds of criminals, it’s worth a watch. In this anime, detectives use special tech to enter the subconscious minds of criminals and determine their identities. The most interesting part, though, is that only murderers have the necessary abilities to use this tech, forcing criminals and cops to work together. If you enjoy seeing what makes a criminal into a criminal, this series offers a different twist on that idea.

Mouse (2003)

Just like Lupin Zero, Mouse is an anime that turns thievery into a real family affair. Sorata Muon is a teacher by day, but at night he takes up the mantle of Mouse, an infamous thief known for being able to steal anything. It’s a name his family has been using for generations to commit heists. It feels like Lupin but with significantly more fan service. Sometimes the fanservice can be a bit much, but if you don’t mind it, this a pretty decent attempt to recreate Lupin’s magic.

Jing: King of Bandits (2002)

One of the things that make Lupin Zero most interesting is how talented Lupin is at such a young age. It’s hard not to be when stealing has been a part of your entire life. If there’s anyone who might understand what it’s like to be leagues ahead at your craft while still in the middle of puberty, it’s Jing. Despite his baby face, he’s one of the most feared thieves on the planet with an even more surprising trick up his sleeve. While the setting may feel quite different, the premise feels similar enough to grab Lupin Zero fans and keep their interest.

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