Alchemy of Souls Season 2 Episode 7 Recap – how is the blood parasite removed from Seo Yul?

January 1, 2023 (Last updated: January 3, 2023)
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A solid episode primarily focused on progressing plot points.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Alchemy of Souls Season 2 Episode 7, which contains spoilers.

With Seo Yul (Hwang Min-hyun) recovered, Jin Mu (Jo Jae-yoon) desperate to retain the Crown Prince’s loyalty, and Jang Uk (Lee Jae-wook) determined to protect those close to him, Alchemy of Souls is setting up for a grand finish. Today’s episode wasn’t too exciting, with the majority of proceedings dedicated to the removal of Yul’s blood parasite, but with a number of plot points now progressed, things could well imminently heat up as we head towards the final three chapters.

Alchemy of Souls Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

After Jang Uk quells the Cheonbugwan mages, forcing Yeom-su to admit Jin Mu created the blood parasite now inside of Seo Yul, we watch as the Gwanju worries upon hearing of what’s happened. Meanwhile, it becomes apparent that the genius mage is in critical condition, potentially signaling war between Songrim and Cheonbugwan.

As it’s established by Heo Yeom that the blood parasite cannot be removed from Seo Yul while he’s alive (additionally, if the genius mage dies, it’s said General Seo will head to the capital to figure out the cause of the “abrupt death”), the Queen rejects a request to dissuade Seo Il from starting any conflict. Elsewhere, Dang-gu pledges to support Jang Uk, who has traveled to Cheonbugwan, on behalf of Songrim, whereas Park Jin decides he’ll pay a personal visit.

While Jin Mu wishes to summon the Unanimous Assembly to plead Cheonbugwan’s innocence, the Crown Prince attempts to stop Jang Uk from his one-man mission to kill the Gwanju. “I do not want all your hard work to come to no avail,” the royal explains, desiring the monster hunter avoids recklessly killing others just to get to Jin Mu. Eventually, the adversaries see eye-to-eye enough, thanks to the Crown Prince’s candidness in admitting he realizes Jang Uk’s “grief, hatred, and rage” is directed at him, in addition to Park Jin’s appearance. There is one demand made by Uk, though, that Jin Mu must be brought to him.

Despite his reluctance to accept responsibility for what happened to Seo Yul, Jin Mu has more pressing matters to worry about when the Crown Prince informs him he will need to find a way to deal with the blood parasite or risk facing Jang Uk. Concurrently, Park Jin is sent back to Songrim to be by Seo Yul’s side, with Uk vowing to find a way to save his friend.

Following the advice of the Unanimous Assembly, who wish to prevent war, Jin Mu begs Ho-gyeong to help him. This tactic proves fruitless but ominous words on a “shared demise,” as well as royal intervention, mean Jinyowon’s leader does end up agreeing to assist the Gwanju. Following that, Jin Mu apologizes to Jang Uk for the “deep understanding,” and Ho-gyeong swallows her pride, reluctantly inviting the monster hunter to Jinyowon so the cure for Seo Yul’s ills can be shared. Additionally, a promise is made that if Yul dies, so too will the Gwanju.

As an apologetic Bu-yeon regains more memories when touching Seo Yul, adding confusion to her regret in not telling others about his condition, Ho-gyeong tells Jang Uk and Park Jin that the firebird can be used to save the genius mage. However, in return for her help, Jinyowon’s leader wants her eldest daughter to return home.

Later, Heo Yeom assigns the roles for the “dangerous” task of using the firebird to rid Seo Yul of the blood parasite within him. Dang-gu is to fetch Cho-yeon (they need the blood of someone in the Jin family), Park Jin will assure General Seo about the situation, and Jang Uk will enter Jinyowon alongside the Crown Prince. Though the two enemies cannot fight when there, given doing so would cause the world to “go down in flames.”

Unfortunately, Jang Uk chooses not to heed the words of Park Jin, who suggested he should find a way to save both Seo Yul and Bu-yeon. As such, he subtly informs his partner she will need to depart, obviously affected by her insistence she wants to help out for the sake of Yul, her friend.

To account for any risks (neither Seo Yul nor the firebird can be moved from their respective locations, and the relic cannot have its barrier broken), Heo Yeom puts forward an intricate plan. First, a water wick connected to the genius mage’s lantern of life will be used to lure the blood parasite. Then, this will be placed in Cho-yeon’s mouth before she heads to Jinyowon to retrieve the energy of the firebird. At the same time, Jang Uk will need to expand the relic’s barrier by recreating energy equal in value to 30,000 nyang of gold, thus allowing them to go inside. It’s a solid plan, yet there is one change. Bu-yeon has to take the place of Cho-yeon because the latter has the potential to be pregnant.

With the remainder of Seo Yul’s energy inside the water wick alongside the blood parasite, Bu-yeon travels to Jinyowon, unable to open her mouth or swallow. Here, the priestess ends up realizing the true identity of the Crown Prince too, who is equally shocked at who she is. Elsewhere, Jin Mu hopes the royal isn’t lying when saying he is saving Seo Yul to save him.

In time, the blood parasite releases Seo Yul’s torrent of energy and is expelled from the body of Bu-yeon. Following that, the genius mage has his water wick returned, enabling him to regain his pulse. Then, Bu-yeon upsettingly leaves to return home, adamant she is going back to Jinyowon due to her own will, but evidently disappointed in Jang Uk’s own firm stance that he will not miss his partner.

While Jin Mu shockingly reveals to the Crown Prince that Jang Uk is the son of the late King, asking for the royal’s permission to send the monster hunter “far away,” Cho-yeon is tasked with preparing her sister’s room. Concurrently, Jang Uk fails to convince himself Bu-yeon belongs away from him and finds himself worrying about Ho-Gyeong putting a tracking thread inside her again, in addition to reflecting on their unlikely relationship.

Awake after three days unconscious, the recovering Seo Yul is shocked to discover both that So-i died and that the blood parasite has been removed from him. Moreover, the genius mage finds himself intrigued by the fact Master Lee took care of Bu-yeon for three years, so he states he must know her well. Later, Seo Yul is blunter about things, resulting in him being told to “feign ignorance.” Continuing, Master Lee reveals that Naksu’s soul will cease to exist once Bu-yeon’s properly awakens.

As Lady Heo reads a letter that contains information on Bu-yeon being Naksu, Jang Uk finds himself irritated by the flickering of the Jinyowon lantern left in his room. So he goes to look for her, evidently wanting to take the priestess back once more. Fortunately, Bu-yeon ends up appearing before Jang Uk once his unsuccessful search for her is complete, meaning the monster hunter gets a chance to explain that his purpose for his wife was to have her take the ice stone out of him.

Ending Explained 

Frustrated when Jang Uk states he would’ve died again had the ice stone been removed from his body, Bu-yeon handwaves a gratuitous apology in favor of exclaiming that she had “better not ever” see the monster hunter again. But the priestess instantly calms when Uk details how he “pines” for her when the lantern relic is turned off, and an emotional kiss between the pair brings an end to the episode.

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