Doom Patrol Season 4 Episode 6 recap – who is after Larry’s longevity?

By Adam Lock
Published: January 5, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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In the most amateurish episode yet, the Doom Patrol are hunted down for their immortality. It’s another bizarre and convoluted installment that presents some rather embarrassing set designs and unconvincing villains.

We recap the HBO Max series Doom Patrol Season 4 Episode 6, “Hope Patrol,” which contains spoilers.

The Doom Patrol members have now been informed that they are immortal entities who are being hunted down for their immortal powers. Rita (April Bowlby) already had her powers drained from her by Dr. Janus (Timeca M. Seretti), and at the end of the previous installment it seemed like Jane (Diane Guerrero) might be losing her longevity too. In “Hope Patrol,” the gang attempt to offset another apocalypse and regain their powers once again, but they may just make matters worse instead.

Doom Patrol Season 4 Episode 6 recap

It looks like Willoughby reversed the de-aging spell after all, as we start the episode with an adult Cliff fixing his car and an adult Jane resurfacing after snoozing on the backseat. She’s rather confused though, at first believing that the de-aging madness was all just a bad dream. Cliff assures her that it was not. Jane peers in the wing mirror to find herself wrinkled with graying hair. She thinks the crazy bunny stole her longevity; they’ve been double-crossed. Jane wants to run into battle and fight these traitors head on, but Cliff is busy with his car project and won’t assist his old friend. Then his oven glove hand comes to life and starts to talk to him. Oh, come on Doom Patrol, we were doing so well!

Rita and Rouge are back to normal as well, after turning into babies themselves at a bus stop in last week’s episode. Rouge now wants to investigate the Bureau, to see if they know anything about conjuring Immortus, but Rita just wants to go home and get some much-needed shut-eye. Rouge hands over her leadership responsibilities back to Rita as she promised, asking the boss what their next move is. Poor Rita will not be sleeping any time soon.

Larry was swept away through a pesky portal the last time we saw him. In “Hope Patrol,” he is dragged to a dimension known as Orqwith. Larry is marched to a temple by men in black Morphsuits, wielding amateurish, large scissors. It’s possibly the weakest set and character designs yet from the show, something you wouldn’t expect from the prestigious HBO. Anyway, Larry is led through a maze as a prisoner, and then Mr. 104 intercepts, rescuing the superhero effortlessly from these men with cardboard scissors.

Cliff argues with his talking oven glove hand, which appears to be a manifestation of Rory. He tells the imaginary hand that he’s building a car for the real Rory, that he knows he is a bad person, but at least he admits it. Rory tries to convince him that he is a good person and then directs him to the zombie butt he saved in the freezer. Yes, saving the life of a zombie butt that could potentially destroy the world makes him a good person, apparently.

Mr. 104 opens up a portal and takes Larry back to the manor. Cliff remembers Mr. 104 from the time he tried to burn him alive and is rightfully antagonistic toward the guest. But Mr. 104 reassures him that he is a good guy now, who wants to help stop Immortus. Cliff has had enough of all this immortal talk, but he does happen to mention that Jane and Rita have both lost their longevity already. This means that Cliff and Larry are the only ones left. Keeg then forces Larry back into the portal. Later, Vic and Deric arrive on the scene, finding Cliff on the floor, he has just been blasted into the pantry by Keeg. They head into the portal to assess the danger first-hand.

Under a disguise, Rita and Rouge infiltrate the Ant Farm. They search for information on project Immortus in the records library but find a gap where the file should be. Rouge believes that Wally Sage is behind all this and they go to visit his cell next. Two words stick out on Sage’s cell walls: Orqwith and Immortus. The villain is found behind bars waiting patiently for them. On seeing Wally’s face, Rita starts to melt and turns into a giant blob of goo that then engulfs Wally. Rouge fears Rita has killed him.

Alone at the manor, Cliff reunites with Jane. It’s a sweet moment as the two reconnect after their quarrel. Cliff even offers out his untouched hand as an apology. Jane takes his new, robotic hand in hers and they hold each other in a touching sequence. They decide to go and fight this evil together, but find Willoughby in the corridor first. He’s all bloodied and beaten, having just fought the unseen enemy. He tells them that they have taken Bunbury. Jane says the bunny stole her longevity, but Willoughby promises her that they were only trying to protect it. They need to protect Cliff now. Cliff and Jane agree, they don’t trust Willoughby anymore, so they ditch the weird wizard.

Ending Explained

For some reason, Keeg has forced Larry back into the pocket dimension, where he is captured almost immediately. Keeg shows Larry a vision of his future. In this horrifying future, Larry is attacked by zombie butts, and his radiation starts to leak from his body. In a last-ditch attempt to protect the planet, Keeg takes Larry to the sun to destroy his body completely. Whatever they do, they always seem to be faced with annihilation. Keeg now believes that Immortus can save them and keep them together, forever. Larry accepts the notion and allows the enemy to drain the longevity from his body.

Vic and Deric find a pen and paper inside the magic realm of Orqwith. They use it to create whatever they choose. The old friends draw a robot and bring it to life. But the evil entities destroy this robot straight away, with apparent ease, and capture the duo. Jane and Cliff turn up around this time too, but they are also captured. The hooded figures exit the temple, having gained Larry’s longevity, and the leader of this posse reveals himself to be none other than Wally Sage himself. As the gang is brought inside the temple, Rory reminds Cliff that he’s left the freezer door open and has now probably caused the end of the world as we know it, releasing the zombie butt into society once more. Maybe he is a bad person after all.

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