Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episodes 9 and 10 Recap – Who Gets Shot?

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 5, 2023 (Last updated: March 4, 2024)
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Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episodes 9 and 10 Recap
Ginny and Georgia Season 2 (Credit - Netflix)

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 9 runs over a story we saw in Episode 8, but from a different perspective. We find out what caused the gunshot and why Ginny (Antonia Gentry) knew Marcus (Felix Mallard) was going to break up with her. This recap also covers Episode 10, and delves into the ending. 

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

Season 2 Episode 9 opens with Ginny narrating, telling viewers that her mother, Georgia, always told them to “stay on guard.” We then hear a gunshot in their home, but the situation is unclear.

Episode 9 then moves to Three Days Earlier. Ginny is late for work and has to rush to work and leave Marcus in bed. Meanwhile, Georgia and Paul are excited about the big wedding day. And then, Georgia has a tense conversation with Gil. Georgia implies that Gil is a violent man. A flashback shows a younger Georgia who lives with Gil. Georgia seems apprehensive around Gil.

Back to the story, Private Investigator Gabriel confronts Georgia. Georgia realizes that Gabriel has nothing on her and tells him she’s won before walking away.

Georgia heads to Cynthia’s to pick up Austin, but Gil has already picked him up. She’s furious that Gil is not even communicating with her and is seemingly doing what he wants.

Later on, Georgia asks Ginny to “give her away” at the altar. Ginny accepts. Georgia confesses accidentally overdosing her first husband. She tells Ginny that’s the last “skeleton in the closet.” She wants to be honest with Georgia after their therapy together. Ginny is clearly overwhelmed with honesty.

Ginny goes over to Marcus’s house, and she overhears Marcus telling Maxine that he’s not sure if he wants to be anyone. This is why she makes the strong assumption that Marcus is going to break up with her. She missed the part where Marcus truthfully states that it’s not Ginny that’s the issue and that he loves her.

After the town meeting, Gil messages Georgia telling her that they need to talk. He explains that a Private Investigator has asked about her. Georgia meets Gil and asks him what he wants, knowing that he’s going to threaten her with Gabriel. Gil antagonizes her, stating she’s only marrying Paul, so she feels protected. He intends to keep blackmailing her. Gil knows about Paul’s finances and wants a part of it. Georgia knows she cannot run from this situation. Georgia returns home and spends time with Ginny. They both express how they’ve had a bad day.

The next day, Gil turns up at the school to get Austin and threatens Georgia, telling her not to stop him from seeing his son. Luckily Cynthia turns up, which dies down the situation.

Meanwhile, Private Investigator Gabriel talks to Ginny about Georgia’s first husband, Anthony Green. Ginny tells him that Anthony is a missing person. Gabriel asks Ginny if she can protect her mother from everyone else. He claims he’s leaving and that he’s worried about what she’s going to do next.

Georgia drinks with Cynthia. Cynthia tells Georgia that she cheated on her dying husband with Joe. Georgia is in shock. Cynthia feels guilty, and it’s killing her that her son Zach is seeing her father like this. Cynthia expresses that she wants it to be over. And then, Cynthia reveals that she blocked Gil’s apartment application. Georgia is thankful for her friend’s help.

Did Georgia suffocate Cynthia’s husband to death?

While Cynthia looks for Zach, Georgia heads into the room where Cynthia’s husband is. She sees him lying there in a coma. She has no idea that Austin is watching, hiding in the closet. Georgia tells Cynthia’s husband that Cynthia is strong and she’s going to look after her. Georgia suffocates the man, and he flatlines. She then calls for Cynthia.

And then we see the break-up between Marcus and Ginny again. Ginny walks away, sobbing. She’s lost someone she loves but doesn’t understand why. She wants Marcus to follow her, but he doesn’t. 

Does Georgia have feelings for Joe?

Georgia heads home, and Joe heads over to give her the sunglasses back that represent a long past they have. Georgia asks Joe why he slept with Cynthia. She’s annoyed that he didn’t tell her. They talk about the sunglasses and end up arguing. Joe is flabbergasted and tells her he has no idea why she kept the sunglasses. His feelings are spilling out. Georgia insists they are friends, but Joe asks her if she has feelings for him. Georgia reminds Joe that she’s getting married. Joe wants to know if he’s crazy and if it’s all in his head. Joe leaves, leaving their story unresolved. 

It seems clear that Georgia has feelings for Joe too.

Who gets shot in Ginny and Georgia Season 2?

Ginny returns home sobbing and tells her mother that Marcus broke up with her. She comforts her. Austin is home too, and he’s clearly traumatized by what he saw his mother do. 

Georgia heads downstairs, thinking Paul has returned, but it’s Gil. He attacks Georgia. Georgia tries to pick up a knife, but he continues to hurt her. Austin then points the gun (the one hidden in the house) at his father, Gil, and shoots him in the arm. Georgia grabs the gun and points it at Gil. She tells Gil to stay where he is and asks his children to help clean the situation up before Paul gets home.

Georgia stitches up Gil’s wounded arm. Paul comes home to Georgia and her children all smiling. He sees a drawing on the wall (the one Austin did to cover up the damage caused). 

After Georgia speaks to Paul, she checks in with her children. Ginny asks why she never told them about Gil, but Georgia explains how she was young and dumb and had no options. Austin and Ginny do not want to see Gil again. A flashback shows a younger Georgia looking at a positive pregnancy test. Gil apologizes for hurting her, but Georgia tells him she’s pregnant. Gil is over the moon. He wants to be a father. 

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 9 ending

Georgia narrates how she’s survived this long by staying ahead. She rings the wedding venue and cancels the wedding. She then heads to bed and nestles into Paul’s arms.

Season 2 Episode 9 ends with Nick visiting Gabriel. Nick tells him that Cynthia’s husband died and that Georgia told him he died peacefully. Gabriel’s ears perked up. He suspects Georgia killed him. When Nick leaves, Gabriel rings the police to report a suspected murder. 

A lot of what happened in this episode felt like it was treading on old ground, but it certainly helps lead into the finale for Season 2. 

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episode 10 (Credit – Netflix)

The Season 2 Finale of Ginny and Georgia opens with Georgia narrating how pain changes people. She doesn’t want the trauma to become routine for her children.  

At school, Maxine comforts Ginny about her breakup with Marcus. Ginny and along with her friends agree that “men are stupid.” 

Unexpectedly, Gil tries to speak to Austin at school. Austin wants nothing to do with him. Gil tells Georgia that he will make her life hell if he cannot see her on. Flashbacks show Georgia pointing a gun at Gil, but he grabs the gun off her and says, “you are stuck with me, G.” Chilling stuff!

Maxine and Sophie catch up at Joe’s restaurant. Sophie expresses that he’s missed her. She admits she was harsh on her because it was hard to see her. Sophie reveals that she and Josh broke up, and she’s hoping for friendship with Maxine. Maxine is confused and tells her that she likes someone else.  

Maxine wants to get Ginny out with her friends to help with her heartbreak. She reassures Ginny that the breakup had nothing to do with her and that Marcus has depressive episodes. She reveals that Marcus is back on medication. Ginny knew nothing about this.

When Ginny and Max leave, Georgia starts packing suitcases. In a flashback, Georgia steals money from Gil, which leads to Gil getting arrested. 

Back to the present, Ginny drinks with her friends. Meanwhile, Marcus finds the boys and asks if she knows where Ginny is. Hunter asks Marcus why he broke up with Ginny. He seems annoyed that he hurt her. Afterward, Maxine takes a drunk Marcus home.

Meanwhile, Ginny has a hunch, and she rings the venue regarding Georgia and Paul’s wedding. She learns that it has been canceled. 

Marcus reveals to Georgia that he knows that she is a murderer

Marcus talks to Georgia in the streets. He asks about Ginny while they smoke a joint together. Georgia tells Marcus that he did a lot for her daughter, including feeling safe. She’s glad he gave her that. She thinks it’s noble that he let her go to stop hurting her. 

As Georgia walks away, Marcus says he will not tell anyone her secret and pretends to slice someone’s neck. Georgia is alarmed that Marcus knows that she is a murderer. 

Why does Georgia tell Paul about her past?

Georgia returns home, and Ginny confronts her about canceling the wedding. Georgia tells her that they need to leave town. Ginny wants to find a way to stay and asks Georgia what she’s scared of. Georgia gets passionate and tells Ginny that she’s a fraud and then sarcastically thanks Ginny for telling her ex-boyfriend her murderous secret. She doesn’t think loving Paul is enough, and she doesn’t trust happiness. 

Ginny tells Georgia to explain to Paul her past (apart from the murdering parts). She believes her mother deserves to live here.

So Georgia sits Paul down and tells him everything about her past; fraud, embezzlement, stealing from her work, shoplifting, a motorcycle gang, and a PI who is investigating her due to her ex-husband’s ex-wife. She then tells Paul that Gil is blackmailing her, and she describes how Austin shot Gil in the arm.

Paul is in shock, and he decides to leave. As he leaves, Georgia’s children sit on the stairs, looking at him. 

Ginny and Marcus agree to be friends (for now)

Ginny visits Marcus in his bedroom. She tells Marcus that she understands that the breakup was not about her. Regardless if they are together or not, Ginny tells Marcus that she wants to be friends. She comforts him in bed, and they start talking like “bros,” which makes them both laugh together like best friends. 

How does Paul get Gil to leave Georgia alone?

The next day, Paul asks Georgia to meet him at the office. She can’t tell if it’s a setup to get her arrested, but she feels she has to go. 

When she gets there, there’s an attorney and a policeman. Paul asks her to sit down. Gil then walks into the office, and he’s unsure what’s going on. Paul tells Gil that what he has been doing is harassment and that one call to his parole officer will land him back in jail. He explains he’ll get no money off him before and after getting married. This confirms that Paul intends to stay with Georgia. 

Gil talks about battling for custody, but Paul is already prepared with a family lawyer. Paul tells him that he if wants to speak to his stepson or “speak to his wife,” he does so through him.

Afterward, Paul tells Georgia that he’s still mad at her, but he’s unable to walk away from her. The couple kisses passionately, and they declare that they are a team.

Georgia returns home, and she’s excited. She tells Ginny that Paul still wants to get married. Ginny tells Georgia that all she needs is a wedding venue. 

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Ending Explained

And then, the wedding arrives. A horse and carriage turn up to pick Ginny and Georgia up. However, before the wedding, Private Investigator Gabriel tells Nick the truth – that his name isn’t Jesse and that he’s really a PI. He reveals he was hired to look into Georgia.

Nick is confused and angry that their relationship has been a lie. He asks Gabriel if he even has feelings for him. Gabriel tells Nick that he needs to know everything and apologizes. 

Georgia arrives at the altar, and Paul is blown away by her beauty. It’s a beautiful occasion. Paul loves Georgia unconditionally. Ginny narrates how she’s lucky because she knows what it feels like to be loved unconditionally — she gets it from the love of her mother. She believes the love of Georgia Miller is the most powerful force. 

At the wedding party, Ginny tells Georgia that she managed to secure the venue for her by speaking to a few people.

Why does Georgia get arrested?

Meanwhile, Marcus and Joe sit in the lobby, unable to see the wedding unfold; they can’t bear seeing Ginny and Georgia. Marcus tells Joe that she likes it when Ginny is happy. Eventually, both men pluck up the courage to head to the party just in time for the First Dance. 

Georgia and Paul do the First Dance while Joe watches on. Georgia narrates how her daughter, Ginny, is better than her and that she’s the best. She explains that happiness is the scariest thing to be.

But unfortunately, Georgia’s happiness does not last long as the Season 2 Finale twist for Ginny and Georgia arrives, bringing a brilliant cliffhanger. Gabriel walks in with the police, and Georgia is arrested for the murder of Tom Fuller. Paul assures her that he will get her a lawyer.

Looks like Georgia will not get her happy ending after all. Austin is devastated and tells Ginny that he “did not tell anyone,” referring to seeing Georgia killing Cynthia’s husband.

Season 2 Episode 10 of Ginny and Georgia is the ending we all wanted, but the cliffhanger leaves more to be desired.

What did you think of Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Episodes 9 and 10? Comment below.

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