Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 Episode 2 Recap – who is Yaroslav?

January 12, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Season 2 continues to build the world of the Vikings, introducing the audience to new characters and keeping the story engaging.

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Season 2 continues to build the world of the Vikings, introducing the audience to new characters and keeping the story engaging.

We recap the Netflix series Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 Episode 2, “Towers of Faith,” which will contain significant spoilers. 

One of the most impressive things about Vikings: Valhalla is that it has managed to separate itself from its predecessor by world-building. Expanding the world means more depth to the story. Season 2 of Vikings Valhalla continues on its stride as each lead character learns of their fate and the next chapter in their journey.

Vikings: Valhalla Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

Season 2 Episode 2 opens with Olaf interrogating a man asking him where the Jomsvikings live. The man talks of a place called Jomsborg and spits on Olaf, disgusted at his Christian faith. Olaf asks Svein to kill the man — he wants the young King to send a message. Svein chops off the man’s head.

Episode 2 then moves to Jomsborg, Pomerania. Freydis smiles as her ship enters her new home. There are many people to welcome her. She’s famous. Jorundr introduces Freydis to the leaders of Jomsburg, Harekr and Gudrid. Freydis then joins in on the combat training and takes all the soldiers down, impressing members of the public. Her swordsmanship is too excellent.

Gudrid senses that Freydis is pregnant after she protects her belly. Freydis tells Gudrid that the child’s father is a good man, but they have gone their separate ways. Later, Freydis is asked if she would like to be a Gudija of the religious temple to teach the people the old ways and build a new Uppsala in Jomsburg. Freydis doubts herself based on her past actions.

More refugees arrive in Jomsburg — they are asked to give up their weapons, which confuses Freydis as they are believers of the “old ways” and are not a threat. Jorundr explains that they will head out into the forest to live in peace, building weapons to protect against the Christians.

Harald and Leif reach Novgorod, Rus. Leif watches men taking opium — Harald tells him that people take it to “talk to the dead.” They then enter a fighting arena – people are betting on a fight. Harald wants to introduce himself to his Uncle Yaroslav, but the guards stop him. To get his uncle’s attention, Harald enters the arena, fights one of the men, and announces himself. Yaroslav recognizes him, and he’s finally welcomed.

Harald updates his uncle on Forkbeard and how he betrayed the oath and asks for a favor — he wants an army so he can take what is rightfully his in Norway. Yaroslav tells Harald that with complications with trading routes, he needs Canute’s empire more than ever. He advises Harald to reinvent himself, as he cannot give him an army. Harald decides to fund an army for himself by participating in the fighting arena. He wants to fight two men at once for a high price if he wins.

Harald loses the first round, but his impressive fighting skills are displayed. However, when he starts winning, a new man walks in, so Leif joins in. Harald and Leif win; however, the gamblers run away.

Lord Vitomir tells Harald that he’s impressed with his fighting spirit. He explains that he must transport something of “great worth” to the emperor in Constantinople. Vitomir wants Harald to help, and he offers significant pay.

In Kattegat, Queen Aelfgifu and Olaf have dinner together without anyone else joining them. Aelfgifu enquires about the Jomsvikings. Olaf explains how he still fears his brother wanting to take Norway and promises to protect her son. Olaf then calls Aelfgifu beautiful, which catches her by surprise.

Ending Explained

In London, Godwin tortures the man who tried to poison Emma of Normandy. He wants to know who paid him to assassinate Emma. The man insists he does not know a name apart from the nickname “Bear.” Hot poker sticks destroy one of the man’s eyes. Later, everyone in the prison cells was slaughtered, including their prisoner. Godwin is fearful that many people are trying to kill Emma — he asks his men to close the city gates.

In Jomsburg, Freydis is donned in beautiful white clothing and is presented to the people with the sound of drums. Gudrid hands her the sword. Freydis enters through the religious temple and up to a watch tower. In the distance, a woman leads a group of people and sings in beautiful tones. Freydis announces they are all safe, and Jomsborg is the “new Uppsala.” The crowd cheer.

Leif continues to see Liv and follows her, leading him inside an opium den. Many people inside are smoking the drug. Leif enquires about the drug, wondering if you can talk to the dead if you inhale the drug. Leif takes the drug for himself, and he is high quickly. A woman lays him down, and Leif sees Liv again, who comforts him. Leif tells Liv that he is lost without her. She tells him to follow her. Leif follows Liv to the top of a building. Thunder rumbles, and it’s cold.

Liv tells Leif that she cannot lose him. She tells him to come to Valhalla. She encourages him to walk off the edge of the roof. However, Leif hesitates, which angers Liv. She disappears. Leif is distraught, and he collapses on the snow.

Season 2 continues to build the world of the Vikings, introducing the audience to new characters and keeping the story engaging.

Additional Plot Points

  • Leif tells Yaroslav that he misses Greenland.
  • Leif meets a woman called Mariam.

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