Alkhallat+ Ending Explained – is there a lesson learned at the end?

January 20, 2023
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We discuss the ending of the Netflix film Alkhallat+ which will contain spoilers.

An anthology is only as good as its strongest story, and unfortunately, Fahad Alammari didn’t order his stories properly in Alkhallat+ to keep audiences engaged. The first two stories are fun and entertaining and actually have a lighthearted message. It also heavily implies that karma will come back and get you if you take a situation farther than it should have gone in the first place.

The camera work is the most interesting aspect of the first story because it keeps you invested through the visuals. However, it fizzles after the second story because of the tonal shift to the third. It was fun and easy to follow until it transitioned into a darker story about death and a husband’s secrets.

Only for the tone to shift again into the fourth story, which was more upbeat and entertaining. Once you’re taken out of that energy, that the movie started off with, it’s kind of jarring, and difficult to get back into the concept Alammari wanted to present.

Alkhallat+ Ending Explained

Even though there is this over-arching concept of people fooling others only to be served with karma in return, in the final story, a father and son were supposed to stay in a hotel room and babysit the youngest child. But they somehow ended up in a club with dancers and plenty of alcohol. The night ends up the total opposite of what they had planned while the mother was away. In this case, they also paint a woman as being the tough one who does not tolerate any fun whatsoever.

At the club, the father gets a bit messy while the son tries to dodge him and escape to go back to the room. However, the father follows him into the bathroom even though the son sent the bouncer his way to kick him out. That was the second time he attempted to kick him out, but his dad found a way to track the son in the bathroom. In doing so, the son hides in one of the bathroom stalls, and the father goes through all the doors to see where he is.

Once he gets to the locked door, the father tries to get his son out of there, but the son refuses. Then one of the bouncers finds him and brings him to the head of the club. The father and son bargain with this big shot and kind of bribe him to give them his clothes or else they will reveal what the head of the club does in his spare time. In the end, the father and son leave the club with a fur coat and sunglasses on, and as they walk out, the mother is standing out there on the phone trying to call them.

They get back to the hotel room and they appear to be playing chess when the mother walks in and scolds them for not answering. They think they got off scot-free, but the daughter sees the tattoo of the club on her father’s wrist, and they all start arguing.

The film ends with this argument as the camera heads into the hallway, proving that if you lie, you’ll always get caught no matter what.

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