10 Movies like Limitless you must watch

By Louie Fecou
Published: February 5, 2023 (Last updated: February 8, 2024)

We discuss 10 Movies like Limitless you must watch. Keep this list handy and add these highly recommended films to your watch list. 

Starring Bradley Cooper and Anna Friel, this 2011 movie was a high-concept sci-fi thriller directed by Neil Burger that follows struggling out-of-luck writer Eddie that is introduced by a friend to a new miracle drug NZT that opens his mind, giving him confidence, clarity, and almost superhuman powers that soon turn him into a target for powerful people that recognize his abilities and want to utilize them for their own criminal gain.

Receiving mixed reviews on its release, the film has become a bit of a guilty pleasure and certainly has its fans, so just in case you are looking for similar affairs, here’s our list of 10 movies like Limitless you must watch, some you will guess, and others you won’t.

10 Movies like Limitless you must watch

10. Chronicle (2012)

This is a must-see for fans of Limitless as the premise is very similar to that movie, with the difference being that there are three protagonists in this film, students, that are pretty much having a depressing time studying at college and struggling with various relationship issues. However, they receive their superhuman abilities after finding a mysterious crystal-like object under the ground and soon their lives start to escalate out of control.

9. Lucy (2014)

Starring Scarlett Johansen and Morgan Freeman, Lucy is a thriller that follows the titular character that is forced into becoming a drug mule. However, when the substance she is smuggling leaks into her body, she finds her mind has become unlocked, allowing her to access abilities that make her an ultimate warrior. Fast-paced and energetic, this action-packed thrill ride will appeal to you if you loved Limitless.

8. Push (2009)

Chris Evans stars in this sci-fi thriller as Nick Gant, directed by Paul McGuigan, in his first big screen movie. Nick is part of a team of people who all have psychic and telekinetic superpowers. They are in hiding from corrupt and hidden government agencies and on a mission to find a girl in Hong Kong before she is picked up by the agency for their own use. Often cited as an X-Men-style romp, Push has been pushed down the memory hole for a lot of film fans, but if you enjoy the tone of Limitless, then this is worth a watch.

7. Source Code (2011)

Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and directed by Duncan Jones, the super-powered protagonist in this sci-fi offering has the power to feel and experience the last moments of a person just before their death. Jake is part of a secret military organization and finds himself involved in the final moments of Sean Fentress, who was on a train that exploded. Using his powers, the eight-minute race is on to find out what happened and why. An edge of your seat thriller you will probably enjoy.

6. The Butterfly Effect (2004)

Ashton Kutcher is Evan Treborn, who suffers from headaches that cause him to blackout and travel back in time. However, unlike some other time travelers, Evan is actually able to alter past events for his friends and family, but of course, this will always result in some messed up situations. As things escalate out of control, Evan finds that manipulating time and events is a dangerous game, probably best left up to Time Lords. This popular movie would lead to 2 inferior sequels, but the first entry is a must-watch for fans of super-powered loners.

5. Donnie Darko (2001)

Now you might have to bear with me on this one, but after just re-watching Richard Kelly’s cult classic, it is apparent to me that Donnie in the tangent universe is given superpowers to help prevent the end of the world. He manages to embed an axe into a bronze statue, set a house on fire without using a match, and of course, he can see the paths that people are going to take in the future. He is essentially a superhero with a mission to fulfill, and the film shows us what he has to do to save the world. Now depending on your interpretation of the movie will dictate whether this should be on our list or not, but either way, we would love to hear your thoughts.

4. Deja Vu (2006)

Denzel Washington stars as Doug Carlin in this sci-fi thriller from Tony Scott that follows the story of an agent that uses experimental surveillance technology in the hunt for a murderous bomber. The tech allows users to see the past events from four days and six hours in the past, and the race against time is on for Carlin to try and figure out who the bomber is and to stop him from striking again. A real nail-biter with a clever premise puts this on our list.

3. Time Lapse (2014)

Here is another movie from left field that might split the readership, but it might also persuade someone to have a look at it so here we go. Three friends find a machine that has the ability to take pictures of events that are yet to happen. The machine can show them images from twenty-four hours into the future, and initially, they see the advantages of their situation, however, as is often the case in these scenarios, things start to get ugly when the ambitions of the friends get out of hand, and some disturbing images are revealed. This little known low budget indie relies on a clever script and believable characters to get its point across, and though tonally different from Limitless, you might find something here to enjoy.

2. Upgrade (2018)

Set a few years into the future, where technology is out of control and the most prevalent part of society, Logan Marshall-Green is mechanic Grey Trace, who is happily married to his wife Asha. A terrible accident with their self-driving car leads to Asha’s death and Grey is paralyzed. However, he is offered the chance to move again through an experimental computer chip that has to be surgically implanted into him. Despite his reservations, he agrees to the surgery, and the stage for Upgrade is set. This is another low-budget sci-fi thriller that actually makes use of its limitations by being inventive and original. Fast-paced, and probably funnier than you expect it to be, this Australian offering is a brilliant and original roller coaster ride that fans of Limitless should love.

1. The Wave (2019)

Frank is an insurance lawyer and is looking forward to a top night with his co-worker, Jeff to celebrate his promotion. However, their night takes an unexpected turn they attend a party and Frank is dosed with a hallucinogen that completely alters his perception of time and the world. Embarking on a psychedelic journey through work meetings, clubs, shootouts, and alternate dimensions Frank is thrown between reality and fantasy, and he finds himself on a mission to find a missing girl. Quirky, comedic but original and with some unique visuals, this will not be for everyone, but the themes and characters meant we had to include it on our list.

Do you have any other recommendations for Movies like Limitless? Let us know!

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