At Midnight Ending Explained – does Sophie tell Alejandro that she loves him?

By Marc Miller
Published: February 10, 2023 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)

We discuss the ending of the Paramount+ film At Midnight (2023), which will contain spoilers.

At Midnight follows an actress Sophie (Monica Barbaro), who is looking to break away from the shadow of her patronizing boyfriend, Adam (Anders Holm), and the superhero franchise that has made her career, Super Society. He is known for womanizing, and shortly after a late-night appearance with Sophie, he ruins their relationship. How? by sleeping with a makeup artist, Sophie walks in on them. This brings up issues for Sophie because her career is tied to the success of her relationship with Adam and their recent shoot, Super Society 3.

How does Sophie “run into” Alejandro?

While staying at a large hotel while shooting Super Society 3, Sophie “runs into” Alejandro (Diago Boneta). He has the junior manager looking at a transfer to the hotel’s New York branch. Alejandro has been assigned to cater to Sophie’s needs, something he despises. That includes making sure the bathroom is filled with towels. He retrieves some but doesn’t know the actress is showering and almost walks in on the star naked. However, when Sophie can cover herself and is about to rip into him, there is an undeniable and immediate attraction.

Later that night, Alejandro catches her sneaking into the kitchen for some food, and he makes her a sandwich because he likes to entertain and take care of people after his father leaves his family. Sophie loves the food and is accepted by him. The next day, after Adam again sticks his foot in his mouth, he asks Alejandro where they can go dancing. They have a lovely time, with Sophie athletically dancing circles around him and having a magical time, and she kisses him around midnight. They meet several nights in a row, despite Alejandro’s boss’s stance on not mingling with guests, each night at midnight.

During a walk on the beach, Sophie invites herself to tag along to Mexico City to go to Alejandro’s family party. The family is smitten with her, mostly talking in Spanish, in which Sophie can make out a few words. They are having, yet again, another magical time, with his mother and sister teasing him in the kitchen, and she tells her best friend she is in love with him in the bathroom. That’s when his father shows up and begins to torment Alejandro. He even means his son how he can expect to care for an actress who is used to a particular lifestyle. In what I interpret as a way to get his father off his back, she tells him she is just a tourist.

At Midnight Ending Explained

Of course, she takes exception to this. Instead of gently explaining why he said it (or apologizing), and makes a mistake by telling her she invited herself on the trip. They fight, leave, break up, and their whirlwind romance seems to have ended. Of course, he tries to get her back by sneaking onto the set for the final day of shoots dressed as Adam’s character. He pours his heart out, but she says they have something special that is no longer there. Sophia leaves to go to New York but does not land the dream job she wants. Alejandro was fired for fraternizing with Sophie. He then opens up his boutique hotel.

How does Sophie come back to Alejandro? Months later, after realizing how much she missed him, Sophie shows up at Alejandro’s home. He is shocked she showed up at his door. He tells her he is about to open up his own place. Does she then try to recreate their magical hotel moment by asking if he has a late-night menu? She walks out to the outdoor kitchen overlooking the ocean, where she turns around and asks if the kitchen is open. “I’m standing here, in your outdoor kitchen, asking you, do you have a late-night menu? Because I’m hungry.”

Does Sophie tell Alejandro that she loves him?

This all seems to be a cloaked attempt to admit she made a mistake and is saying she loves him. Alejandro tells her that he hates cooking because it takes more time to cook than eat. They kiss, and she pulls away and then tells him, “I love you too.”

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