Make or Break Season 2 Review – an adrenaline filled party wave

By Ricky Valero
Published: February 14, 2023
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Make or Break continues to make a splash as Season 2 delivers some beautiful moments in and out of the water.

Starring Kelly Slater and Tatiana Weston-Webb, we review the Apple TV+ documentary, Make or Break Season 2.

The Apple TV+ reality series Make or Break returns for the show’s second season. Throughout the eight-episode docuseries, we follow surfers from across the globe trying to compete at competition after competition with the hopes of being able to compete for the World Championship Title. As each competitor sets off to do that, we get an inside look at their lives outside of the waves and what they are battling to become champions.

Make or Break Season 2 Review

Make or Break follows the world of professional surfing and the athletes across the globe who are competing for the World Championship. The series also gives an inside look at the lives of the surfers and the sacrifices they make to win it all.

Kelly Slater is fighting father time in his consistent pursuit of being the best. Slater wants to make another run at the title while trying to fight off the rumors of it being his last run and the new generation of surfers looking to take down the veteran. In the first episode, you see Slater race against time to win, and you hear his wife say, “I got goosebumps,” and my goodness, so did I. What an incredible moment to kick off season two.

You can’t help when watching this but be in complete awe of what these surfers are doing. The patience, balance, and strength it goes into each time they are on the board are brilliant. I watched several of these attempts on the water, and my jaw was on the floor. Like, how they are not only able to stay on the board but move the way they do so swiftly is breathtaking.

Another impressive feat is the camera work within the series to capture each moment within that water. You see each of these surfers get overcome by water, but the way the camera captures them getting out on the board is astonishing. It’s one of those right places, right time situations. The editing here is significant because while we are watching these already determined races, how they edit it puts us smack dab in the moment, full of emotion.

The personal element of these sports-style docuseries is vital to how good they are. Sure, we have the shock and awe in the water, but by making these surfers relatable to us, the viewer makes the journey worth investing in. Whether you are rooting for Kelly Slater to win one more title or Tatiana Weston-Webb to capture her crown, you are getting to know these people and cheering and getting caught up in those competitions.

Is Make or Break Season 2 good?

Yes, especially if you are a fan of the first season.

Of course, getting to know these surfers and watching the things they sacrifice to win it all is inspirational. Make or Break thrives because the athletes are vulnerable in moments we don’t always get to see.

What did you think of the Apple TV+ series Make or Break Season 2? Comment below.

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