Is Triptych on Netflix based on a true story? Explained

February 21, 2023
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Is Triptych on Netflix based on a true story? We discuss whether the Netflix thriller series is based on true events or if it is fictional.

Triptych, or Tríada, is a thriller from Mexico on Netflix created by Leticia López Margalli and will be eight episodes long. It will follow forensics expert Rebecca as she uncovers a startling truth about her family and has to work to find the truth behind a decades-long cover-up.

While not in English and without subtitles, the trailer conveys the feeling of mystery and dread, with the final seconds showing how dangerous tugging on this mystery might be. But is this show based on a true story? In this article, we’ll go through whether it is true or not and which events it might be found on.

What is Triptych on Netflix about?

Triptych is a Mexican thriller starring forensic expert Rebecca (played by Maite Perroni), who finds that a woman called Aleida Trujano, that resembles her, has been murdered and strongly suspects the pair are related. Adding to her suspicion is that they were both born on the same day. Becca’s desperate to find more information but is blocked at every turn.

Things get even weirder when she bumps into another woman who looks very similar to her, and the pair suspect they’re both related too. But when everyone who could explain their situation disappears, they must uncover the mystery behind the cover-up together.

Is Triptych on Netflix based on a true story?

Netflix has confirmed that the show’s events are based on a true story but hasn’t explained which true story it’s inspired by. The creators haven’t pointed to which story it’s taken off, either.

This makes it hard to nail down the story the show is based on entirely. However, there is speculation about which events could have inspired the show, namely the events shown in the 2018 documentary called Three Identical Strangers.

What are the real events behind the story of Triptych?

Three Identical Strangers is the story of three triplets separated from birth and given to different families. This study was run in the 1950s by Doctor Peter Neubauer and the child psychologist Doctor Viola Bernard. They had convinced an adoption agency, Louise Wise Services, to separate the triplets without telling their adoptive parents.

They aimed to study nature versus nurture and place the separated twins into families with different socioeconomic backgrounds. This didn’t just happen to the people in the documentary but to many other twins and triplets.

The documentary follows Robert Shafran, Eddy Galland, and David Kellman, triplets adopted by different families who met by chance when they were 19. They found that they had several things in common, like their taste in music.

This continued until 1995 when The New Yorker published an exposé into the study. The results of this highly unethical study are sealed at Yale University and will remain that way until 2065 when it’s likely that all of the children who were impacted are dead.

This would mean that Triptych has introduced new elements into its story, such as focusing more on mystery and thriller elements. It remains to be seen if this is the case, but there are several similarities between this and Triptych.

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