Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me Review and Ending Explained – A Heartbreaking Romantic Drama About Choosing The Right Person

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: March 1, 2023 (Last updated: March 16, 2024)
Tonight You're Sleeping With Me Review and Ending Explained
Tonight You're Sleeping With Me (Credit - Netflix)


The romance film explores a woman’s deepest desires and the true meaning of love versus what feels comfortable and secure for the rest of her life.

In Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me, a married woman must choose between her neglectful husband and an ex-boyfriend who was too young for her at the time. Nina is in a passionless marriage with a husband who does everything he wants without even considering her needs. Nina feels like she doesn’t have anything of her own anymore. She’s labeled a mother, a wife, and a daughter but does not see herself as a woman. She has lost her identity, and with every day, something doesn’t feel right with her. When she heads to work at her local magazine, she sees her younger ex-boyfriend from years ago, and all those feelings are rehashed.

Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me Review

Nina doesn’t know how to stop thinking about the past, but how can she not when her husband barely shows her affection? As her ex-boyfriend works with her, she remembers what love is supposed to feel like. She feels lighter with him and more herself than she has felt in years. The closer they get, the more she realizes she can’t be with her husband. One day when her husband takes a trip to Iceland alone, Nina spends more time with her ex and has an affair with him. She missed those feelings, and more importantly, she missed who she once was.

However, this film explores the decisions women have to make regarding relationships. You’re lucky if you find someone you dearly love and marry; most of the time, it’s about finding the person best suited to secure your future. That’s why many people who say they settle or don’t marry for love have many issues within the marriage, and it’s difficult for them long-term. After watching this, you’ll even have a difficult time understanding what the right path is and if Nina made the right choice.

Is Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me good?

Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me is an intense romantic drama that explores female agency and relationships. Women are constantly labeled and pressured to do the right thing, and when women become emotional about love, it proves a weakness.

In this film, a mutual love between Nina and her ex carries more passion and tension than she ever had with her husband. It’s a prolonged burn which is always enjoyable, but the heartbreak is felt with Nina.

She has to choose between true love or the security of her family that she created with the wrong person. Ultimately, decisions make up most of our lives, and we have to learn to live with them. Director Robert Wichrowski and co-writers Anna Janyska and Anna Szczypczynska all worked together to create a strong film about a woman trapped in a life chosen for her.

A scene toward the end between Nina and her mother ties this film together. Two generations of women understand the meaning of love and relationships and still have the same conversation about which path to choose.

It was difficult for Nina, and it’s difficult for all women who have lost that one love and try to get it back when it’s too late.

Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me Ending Explained

Does Nina’s husband find out about the affair?

After speaking to her father about her relationship, she does what is best for her. Men tend to be more selfish and focus on what they want, versus women, who focus on pleasing others. Too much time has passed for Nina not to take this chance.

Nina runs to her ex’s house, and she accidentally butt-dials her husband before she gets into bed with him. He hears her getting intimate with him and finds out about the affair. This is the most terrible way for anyone to find out their significant other is cheating, especially when they are miles away in a different country.

Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me (Credit – Netflix)

What happens to Nina’s husband?

After finding out the news, her husband is beside himself. He Facetimes her and tells her he still loves her and has no idea what to do with himself. He is in the wilderness in Iceland, and Nina needs to talk to him in person. So she gets a ticket out to see him.

While Nina is on her way, her husband sees a man at the bottom of one of the canyons, and he’s unconscious. He wants to help the man (which is a bit out of character, considering he’s selfish with Nina) and goes down there. As he carefully climbs down, he slips his head. Her husband is now in a coma, and Nina rushes to the hospital in Iceland.

Who does Nina choose?

When her ex discovers that Nina is going to Iceland, he can’t let her go alone. So he followed her there, but Nina officially had to say goodbye to her ex. She loves her husband differently and would hate to see anything happen to him.

Nina sacrifices her true love to take care of her husband, who may also have some health issues down the line, and care for her daughters. Nina chooses her husband.

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