Why is We Have a Ghost rated PG-13? Rating Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: March 2, 2023 (Last updated: December 31, 2023)

Why is We Have a Ghost rated PG-13? We explain the rating and discuss whether it is appropriate and friendly for kids. 

Everyone likes a good scary movie, and the haunted house premise still manages to grab audiences’ attention. Often those scary movies and shows can be suspenseful and horrifying, think of The Amityville Horror and American Horror Story.

Still, there is always room to engage younger viewers and a family audience in the genre, so with that in mind, we look at the supernatural comedy thriller We Have a Ghost. Based on a short story, the film follows a family moving to a new house and discovering a ghost in the attic.

Is We Have a Ghost appropriate for kids?

The content of the film and the premise make it unsuitable for kids. Although it would be silly to use an umbrella term and say this film is suitable for children under 13, it might be too much for some kids under 12, but it might be just what some 12-year-olds are looking for in a scary movie.

The PG-13 rating has to be enforced as there are sexual terms and language that are not kid friendly.

So I would heed the age rating here if you have any concerns about the film. It is very subjective and depends on individual cases.

Why is We Have A Ghost Rated PG-13?

The main reason for the PG-13 age rating is some of the references and language used in the film. Without them, the film may have been more appropriate for an even younger viewer, as the scares are tame, and the story is more heartwarming than terrifying.

The MPAA rating has been assigned for “language, some sexual/suggestive references, and violence.” The violence is car chases, the police and law enforcement firing guns, and there are some arguments between characters. There is a kiss at one point between two teen characters and a hotel scene where a stain is found on a bed.

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The film is aimed at a teenage market, so tonally there may not be much here to interest younger kids. As usual, with these types of movies, it should be noted that PG in PG-13 stands for parental guidance. What may be kid friendly for some may not be for others, and the film classification department knows that parents know best what their kids should and shouldn’t watch.

What is the plot for We Have a Ghost?

The premise for the film is in line with the film’s age rating. The Presley family is moving to a new house, but the price is oddly low for some reason. After moving in, the youngest son, Kevin, hears a noise in the upstairs attic and investigates, using his mobile phone as a flashlight. He is surprised by a ghost in the attic.

Instead of being terrified, Kevin makes friends with the entity, and as the news spreads, it seems that the family all have different views and expectations of the situation. Before long, psychics, ghost hunters, and government agencies all become embroiled in the situation, with Kevin seemingly being the only one truly interested in helping the ghost.

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